The Potential for Polyamory Hookups

I wrote recently about being let down super gently from a near-entrance into heaven, and feeling a day full of crushing heart-weight from a hard wait. Well… I just kept truckin’ along, as I always do.

I have some other blissful relationships to rest my heart in at all times, thankfully. But that doesn’t mean when things don’t work out with some people, I don’t get down. Having five good days in a week is great, but those two crappy days can still cause pain and grief.

I continue to be the kind person who I always thought I should be, and try to set an example for others, moving my heart and my hope forward. I didn’t expect that one small gesture of chivalry and kindness would lead me to the MOST MAGICAL SEXUAL AND ROMANTIC EXPERIENCE—the paradise of pleasure made by people who engage in automatic instinctual love without fear.

I was on the streetcar, and saw someone who needed a seat. I didn’t even really look at them, just got up to let them sit—best decision I’ve made in months! They smiled and took the seat. A moment later, they looked up at me and patted the seat beside them, so I could sit close.

Surprised, I looked at their face and realized WOW! She is GORGEOUS! Needless to say, I sat down. We began talking, and talking, and talking, and I went waaay past my stop. I got off at her stop and ended up walking her to her house. After lots of bonding and conversation, we decided to make a plan to meet soon after.

Two days later, she came over for some quality time together. After sharing some poetry, music, and art, and sharing each other’s spirits and hearts… LOVE WAS MADE. The beginning of a beautiful relationship happened, and I don’t think I could have appreciated it as much if I didn’t have the disappointment of another potential relationship failing to blossom the day before.

So when the universe closes one window, another opens—if you have your eyes open in the right direction and your heart still full of hope and joy and generosity! I am the proof of such beautiful truth, and so is the presence of this heavenly new lover in my magnificent polyamorous love life!

Addi Stewart

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