Polyamory Sex Can Happen Anywhere

That’s almost everything, isn’t it? Where do you meet the people you open your heart and soul to?

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That feeling of safety is exactly where we get the sense of trust and joy that either takes us to paradise, or keeps us in the place where we are familiar and maybe not feeling happiest.

I have met lovers in the strangest locations, and some of them have stayed true to my heart and soul for my whole life. Some have been discovered in the strangest, wildest, most unbelievable places, and it’s been nothing but a bliss to remember the reasons why we keep making love and being friends.

You never know though! I have no idea where I meet some of the people I make love to, but I can promise that there’s no rhyme or reason or real pattern to it. I just keep my heart wide open and keep telling the truth and see where the luck of the draw takes me!

I had a wonderful experience that I can’t believe was real… and I can’t tell you all the details, because I need to keep some of the story to myself to cherish the magic of it, but it shows that LOVE CAN HAPPEN ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME, when fear is gone from the environment.

I was walking down the street after doing an amazing performance in Kensington Market with some hip-hop homies. I was floating on a high, it was a joy. And then… a miracle happened.

I saw a cute young lady having a Corona on the curb, and I smiled at her. She smiled back very coyly, and with enough open vibes for me to know that it was okay for me to talk to her. I was honest. All I did was speak from the heart. She did the same thing, and it was unbelievable.

I was stunned to find out she was a sex worker like I was. And then I was even MORE stunned to find out she liked me… enough to pull her breasts out and show me how beautiful they were, right in the middle of the fucking sidewalk! This was getting super unreal, and I just met her four minutes ago!

Then she said “I’d fuck you if I had a place to go…”

I said “Well, we could go to this alley right here…” as kinda of a joke. I was more trying to get her number and shoot porn with her. I am a professional love maker for real. So yeah, I said that and wasn’t really thinking like anything would go anywhere… BUT I WAS WRONG. OH SO VERY WRONG!

She grabbed me and pulled me down the alley. Then she pulled my pants down. My brain was spinning and swirling and exploding. I could not believe this was all happening! But it was. And it was all because I was honest with her a thousand percent, and didn’t play any games.

I had a lover doing things I couldn’t believe within five minutes of meeting before some even more unbelievable things happened, that were unprecedented in my life to that point. I really am living the dream above and beyond belief! And its all because of polyamory’s freedom. I love it.

I honestly can’t even finish the story… it was too crazy for words. Only she and I will know where it went from there, and I want to thank THE GODS OF POLYAMORY for giving me that unbelievable blessing… and just know that love can happen ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. ANYWHERE! ON! THE! PLANET! Trust me.

In joy,
Addi Stewart

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