How Polyamory Can Change Your Life

Polyamory will change your life if you’re doing it right. It will make you see things not in terms of “yes to her and not to them” but “yes to her and yes to them too.” The world we live in is based off some serious scarcity issues and tries to make people think “grab hold of one wife or husband and settle down soon, because you might not get any more action if you’re single at forty-five!”


Sex is a thing that happens for everyone at every age. Versions of sex happen from the womb to the tomb. There is erotic energy in a two year old and in a ninety-two year old. Sex is life, and only if you were immaculately conceived can you say sex wasn’t part of your fundamental reality.

But polyamory sex changes life!


  • You may not see yourself in the same night clubs anymore because they simply are not appealing. “Everybody has clothes here and nobody is asking for what they really want! I’m outta here.”
  • You may find yourself thinking and refraining from saying things that are normal to you, but are not quite traditional conversation pieces practiced by traditional society. And when you feel like you’re sick of censoring yourself, you may remove yourself to other more comfortable public locations.
  • You may give up on trying to fit into certain situations and scenarios that require you to hold your tongue or resist temptation, and that’s just not something that’s in your natural behaviour pattern now!


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There are a variety of ways that polyamory can permanently adjust your perspective of the universe and if/when it does, you will have to do all you can to readjust and reassess yourself and your position in the world, since you will NOT be able to be the person you thought you were anymore!

No more conservative civilian sexual stress for you. It’s now time for super blissful freedom and nothing less!

Welcome to change, it’s constantly awesome.

In love,

3 Benefits of a Poly Relationship

How has polyamory changed your life? Please share in the comments.

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