Polyamory Saturation: Too Many Lovers?

Theoretically, we can be with all the people in the world, right? Only in our dreams, buddy. There is a tangible, quantifiable, measurable limit to time and space (or so science thinks), to earth and water, air and oil, and so forth.

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So, to all the hopeful Wilt Chamberlains, aspiring Mick Jaggers, wannabe Warren Beattys and dreaming Don Juan Demarcos out there, I do not think it would be possible to have any semblance of intercourse, coitus or the horizontal mambo with the other dominant half of the human species in your entire lifetime if you lived to be 100!

Having sex with one person an hour for 18 waking hours of the day would surely add to a person’s life span, I would bet money! Another good bet, is that trying to satisfy all the lovers in the world is the second fastest recipe in the world to mess up the entire enchilada. The only way to serve soul food like it should be, is to KNOW WHEN YOUR PLATE IS FULL, AND DON’T BE GREEDY.

The metaphor easily applies to polyamory, I don’t have to feed it to you like a mama bird to baby bird, do I? Because I am too busy with my double digit number of lovers to spend my precious time explaining basic concepts to semi-concentrating people, LOL!

I have a full schedule. I try not to double book , but sometimes I have a morning rendezvous, and an evening one. Sometimes they overlap, and lovers may see each other in some way. Sometimes I have events where two or three¬†past poly lovers are in the room at the same time, and I’m with a new partner now! As long as we are all being mature adults, it’s not a problem.

I have reached the point where I have to not take on any new relationships, not without jeopardizing my current connections. It’s just not cool, so I don’t do that kind of supposed partner upgrading.

You love all those you can as best as you can, then you just maintain what you have for as long as you can carry all your dreams at once!

The Life. It’s Happily Ever Aftermath…

In Love,
Addi Stewart

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