Polyamory Hookups Can Happen Anywhere

Sometimes, it all just comes together perfectly. Thank you poly universe magic makers for the recent blessing!

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I went to the Pants-Free TTC Subway Ride in Toronto, and it was awesome! It wasn’t my first time to the undergarment-exposing rodeo, and I just frolicked around meeting friends—old and new—like it was nothing. So much fun was generated together, ooh baby!

When you’re traipsing around sans pantaloons, one tends to dream further and wish farther than such seductive suggestions say. You’re with like-minded friends and possibly lovers—maybe former, maybe current—and if you’re open minded enough to take pants off in public, some people might think that being in open relationships might not equate too much of a stretch of the imagination. 

In my head and heart, anyways!

I saw someone who I had a not-so-delightful experience with last year. We mended things while opening the door to future poly fun, which delighted my heart a lot more than last year’s tragic yet mildly laughable snafu hurt it. It was goodness oozing all over the place—I felt and tasted it.

I had a few crushes that were throbbing, and I could feel a few flying at me too. It was awesome. We were all subtle and courteous, as we were on public transit without pants, and it wasn’t really a sexual event… BUT… YOU KNOW…

Magic can’t stop itself from happening sometimes.

As I was leaving the afterparty, I saw a lovely lady who had caught my eye all day. There was an initial introduction that felt fabulous and another magnificent moment, but not much else.

As I was leaving she said, “I’m walking in that direction, are you going my way?”

“I am,” I told her. It only took three blocks for us to realize we had A LOT in common. And it felt awesome to discover so spontaneously. We weren’t even trying to make it happen… IT WAS JUST HAPPENING!

At the lights, I looked her in her eyes, and felt the spark of attraction explode—detonate in my heart and her eyes! So I asked her “Can I kiss you?” She nodded, and damn was it ever a spectacular first kiss. Way way way more amazing than I dreamed or expected it to be. She invited me to her place, to which we travelled to immediately.

Long story short: Immaculate Love was made.

I can’t articulate how magical the chemistry between us felt. And she said so too, as well as something that I had been thinking only moments before. It was awesome to feel it all unfold!

Soon after our insanely amazing sex, I looked into her eyes, and said, “I want to do this again, please believe me! If you would like to get together again in the future, I certainly and absolutely want the same!”

And she said “I really and truly do want this to happen again. Let’s be friends with benefits!”

We both walked away, happily ever after that day. It was barely an hour before we went from introduction to kissing and loving.

These are the days I dream for most. When it happens, life couldn’t be better.

I love being poly and hope you all experience automatic magic like this too!

Sincerely in love,
Addi Stewart

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