Making Room for New Loves in Your Poly Life

There are times when the dream is far too good to be unreal, and way too good to be true. But it all is.

You are there, just breathing, living, laughing and messing around in life and stuff. Same old you. And your poly partners are doing the same, being themselves, sharing time and space, love and joy, passion and presence. There’s multiple moments of bliss for all, and it’s working its thang.

Balance isn’t a stranger to your existential, sexual and emotional awesomeness. But then say, you are radiating the regular lust for life that such polyamorous fidelity would naturally manifest.

What do you do when a true blue, real deal, in the flesh and blood GAME CHANGER comes into your stratosphere? What do you do then, huh? What would Jesus do? What in the hell is the universe trying to do, while we’re at it!?

I thought things were perfectly fine! Nobody was begging for more lovers, more brilliant partners, more magic to mosey on down into thine heartspace. But you know that all the clichés are true: especially “when it rains, it pours.”

Anyone who ever gets to the point of polyamory where they truly are seeing the strains of poly saturation come to the forefront knows that it’s so real, it’s so complex, and it’s so bittersweet to try and balance with the rest of your righteously resplendent romantic reality.

I just had the barnyard in my heart swept away by the soulful golden tornado of a true-life game changer. So many WOW moments came from her angelic essence.

She came up to me. On the nude beach. Not only did she make the first move, but she also said the first words we shared, and introduced herself. Damn! As much courage and chutzpah that it took for her to come chat with me and have me answer the friendly question she inquired about, it took way more moxie to stay and keep the conversation going for the next forty minutes.

After patiently waiting for a good week or so to allow the stars to align and open our communication channels, we just had our first conversation on the telephone. How long did it last? IT WAS SEVEN HOURS STRAIGHT.  And I still have more things I can’t wait to talk to her about!

She has let the dream-making expression of words such as “non-monogamy” and “sexual exploration” slip from her immaculate lips, and there was just as much laughing as there was learning and listening close.

I am super blessed with a plethora of partners, but this is like when Shaquille O’Neal went to the L.A. Lakers. They were already a superstar team with a powerhouse lineup. But there was a humongous new addition coming to play, and space HAD to be made.

When the heart knows what it wants and is attracted to whatever it desires, no matter how strange or nontraditional the attraction is… such is love at work and play. You thus have to wipe the slate clean and possibly come up with a whole new strategy, because love says: “Take this GAME CHANGER into your heart.” And you have to obey.

All you have to do is figure out how to create a win-win situation, and it’s all good that it’s so good, it’s beyond true.

In love,|
Adhimu Stewart

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