Maintaining Stamina with Multiple Partners

So, you’re cruising along your dreams, bouncing from bed to bed, arms to arms, lover to lover. Life is nice and good and sweet and stuff. 

You are all handling your jealousy well (there is little to none), you are managing schedules well (you have enough time for each other), and you are happy with how things are all working out (nobody wants to end anything going down.) Happiness is a thing that’s real in your life.

Say you have achieved this level of experience in the video game of poly, and you’re shining like a valiant fear-killing joy warrior. What can go wrong? The sex.

I question you in one sincere, deep and genuine fashion, my kind poly comrade. I ask you this simple query: is your sex life with one partner having any effect on your other partners? It’s okay to confess if it is, please believe it with all my heart!

Because… I, hand on my twig and berries, do confess to dealing with the exact same situation in my sweet sacred poly sex life! I’ve had some of my scheduling be day after day after day with three different partners. And if I am with one partner the first day and the sex is super intense and passionate… then sometimes, when I see the next partner on the second day, my energy is a bit lower and sometimes my mind is a bit spaced out!

The eroticism gets intense in my world, yo. I don’t hold back when I’m holding her backside! So, the second partner sometimes meets a lower-level version of me, and I do my best to give them my all anyways. Since I am committed to living in the moment with each lover, I have to rest up really really hard if I want to be even semi-coherent for the third rendezvous with the third partner. But it’s something I figure out how to do!

The sex is still amazing. And the relationship is still wonderful too! But the thing is, the passion connection can be so deep with certain partners, that it takes time to process it all, and you could even be with other people, partners, or friends while you are processing and reflecting on the experiences you are accumulating together in the relationship, apart from the emotional and intellectual evolution. The sex!

I’m at that point sometimes, and the partitioning of personal feelings is something that takes genuine self-awareness and skill. But it can be done. It’s about seeing everything as an overwhelming blessing, and basking in the glory of some of the best days of your love life…

And making sure you are safe while you have all that sex!

Keep your schedule tight, haha.

Addi Stewart

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