Loving All the Bodies in Polyamory

Something that isn’t discussed much is how polyamory affects people who have different body types. I know poly people who are not able-bodied, who are fat-bodied or thin-bodied, and how this affects their dating prospects and sex lives.

I was with a BEAUTIFUL black woman from the States who is bigger than average, but her heart is twice as big as well, and I LOVE her for it. She writes heartbreaking words about her negative experiences with men who don’t know how to appreciate a bigger woman, but she’s perfect in every way: sexy, funny, smart, caring, artistic, and generous. She knows many things about culture and history, engaging in advocacy work for justice. She can also mix a stiff drink… and loves to fuck all night, like me!

I had one night with this woman and dreamed about having another for months and months, but we live very far apart. I watch this heavenly angel get treated like a shedevil by monsters who don’t deserve their fantasies and dreams to come true for being such cads and pigs.

I have other lovers who also have issues finding people who are accepting of them, and even struggle with people they are with to be comfortable around them and their amount of polyamorous partners.

My bigger partners sometimes feel jealousy towards the partners who aren’t the same body type, but I do my best to just love them as deeply and fully as I feel we are destined to. I don’t care about things like size, even though I respect the issues of people with various body types.

My love is what it is regardless of the public perception, and I have been madly in love with more than a few plus-sized women, proudly showing the world our love. Surprise and shock from others—”He’s half her size!” or “Is he really happy with her?”—are met with “DAMN STRAIGHT!” and “HELLS, YES!”

I actually feel controversial and genuine thoughts about bigger people being more compatible with me and my very powerful sexual drive, as some people with thinner bodies aren’t able to balance my physical requirements and erotic intensity.

I am so happy with my beautiful big-bodied women and the ways we share our polyamory!

Addi Stewart

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