Long-Term Polyamory Promises

Monogamy and marriage are (traditionally) primarily, supremely, and extremely based upon some very RIGID concepts and boundaries for relationships. I know there are open marriages and stuff, but they support MY philosophy of multiple people more than they support the idea of singular soulmates and necessity of such emotional scarcity conception.

So, I lean towards poly EVERYTHING in my life because it allows me to truly have my cake AND eat it too! I don’t even participate in online “Who would you screw? A, B, or C” questionnaires. I usually throw monkey wrenches in them and say “Why can’t we have them all?” and mess up the flow of things, haha.

That being said I recently told someone something passionate and polyamorous, and they told me a few days later that she wasn’t sure about what I said. Even though it came from the heart, and I meant it in all sincerity.

I still understand why she was skeptical and doubting, even though I did say, “I can’t see a reason to stop making love to you for the rest of my life if we still feel the same we do about sacred sexuality and passion.”

Neither of us have children, and we both are very open sexual beings who have been making love for over three years. That’s not a long time in the grand scheme of things, but the way we love each other and the depth of passion we have been building I can see myself having sex with her a decade from now, why not? And the next decade? I still don’t really have a reason to say I would say no to her, even then.

I would be happy to have our relationship continue to grow on the trajectory it has been. If she changes her mind, of course it won’t. If she doesn’t change her mind, then won’t we still be making love many years from now? We have been so far!

So, I don’t know if I made too big of a promise, and I don’t know what kind of poly promises I will be making in the future. I’m not exaggerating anything for the sake of overcompensating some lack of emotional responsibility. I’m being sincerely open-hearted about the future and about our potential!

I suppose the future can never tell us if we will keep our promises. We have to just find out when we get there.

Addi Stewart

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