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Now that polyamory is becoming more mainstream, there are finally some viable options for meeeting other polyamorous singles and couples online. Does make the grade? Read our review below.

In my experience, the biggest site for finding couples and poly singles isĀ This is in terms of membership, which I usually find to be the most important metric when looking at which dating site to join. However, there are new dating sites being created especially for polyamorists and for those seeking open relationships. One of these is

Poly Dating is Great For the Relationship-Minded Singles

Poly Dating is definitely more tame than, which will be a welcome change for those looking for something serious. There is no nudity in the profiles and more members with a focus on relationship-building, rather than hooking up and threesome hunting. This is good news for those tired of the hookup culture found at many sites including OkCupid.

Growing Pains: Quality Takes Time

One of the problems with launching a site for a smaller group of people such as the poly community, is that the site can sometimes take awhile to build it’s member base. Poly Dating really isn’t doing too badly as it’s growing rather quickly. But you may still find that there aren’t as many people in your area as you’ll find on other poly dating sites, especially if you are in a smaller town. Don’t let this deter you because they’re building a great community of real people and that takes time. Get in on the ground floor and meet other enthusiastic polys.

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Full Features for More Poly Fun

Poly Dating allows members to create profiles for couples, so it’s easy to search for a third or a couple looking to meet singles. They have ice-breakers for shy newbies, live chat rooms, and the profiles are usually fully-filled out because the site does a great job by stacking them with multiple choice questions which many people are more apt to respond to.

I have a profile on this site myself, but I would love to hear about your experience with Please share in the comments below!

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