Off-Limit Relationships in Polyamory

One person’s paradise is another person’s persecution. I wish freedom was a road not seldom travelled by the multitudes. But it isn’t somewhere most people tread.

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Angels fear to speak of people, places and things on a certain level of love and passion, sex and connection, beauty and intimacy, wisdom and lust-fulfilment.

I try not to see any woman as 1) mine, 2) unlovable, 3) broken, 4) repulsive, 5) off-limits. And as many of these come naturally and almost instinctually without instruction reminder, some of them are not as easy. Like the last one: off- limits. Some women ARE off-limits to me, no matter what I like to dream and tell myself.

Monogamous women? Off limits, for the most part.

Married women? Way off limits, for the most part.

Closed polyamory groups? Off limits, ostensibly.

Pets/owner couples? Probably off limits to you.

Master/slave couples? Really not much chance.

Monogamous liars and cheaters? Maybe…

But those are another form of taboo partner, if you are someone who is concerned with manifesting the best love life possible and not doing grimy-ass dirt to nobody!

Yet, let’s backpedal. The first type of taboo partner is the type that is off limits to all your love, poly truth, open communication, and sincere intentions.

No means no in polyamory as well as in the sack. And the worst thing about monogamy is when people practicing it don’t stick to the rules and regulations.

Whether it’s cheating by drunken bullshit scam, or rape, or adultery of some sort, those taboos are not ones you want lingering around your reputation, believe that!

So, what it comes down to, is respecting the edges of the earth, and realizing that there is no real coming back when you fall off the cliff of competent integrity.

Morally, you may have to find yourself doing a lot of work you didn’t want to do to clear up the emotional impact of treading into territory that you should’t tread within.

That being said: it’s more of a moral judgement than people want to admit, but morals are an interesting thing. Values are not needed to be shared to justify any sex. Except the sex you’re having with someone!

There’s no real hard and fast rule that says you have to feel exactly the same emotionally as the people who are judging and chastising you for having a sex life in the first place. You probably won’t actually, if they are the type to make disparaging comments about your erotic actions.

In a world where sexual fascism is rampant as fuck and where you’re not being saved by Sex Jesus in the Pornographic Rapture any time soon, then don’t give a shit about what others tell you is taboo. Don’t do what you know you shouldn’t do because you have the morals to not do it… or him… or her… or them!

Polyamory works best for everyone when people honor their integrity, and know where the lines are that they can’t cross, no matter how much they love and lust after the person they adore.

Sometimes, and only sometimes: polyamory can’t save the lovely sexy fucking from being eternally awesome and endless. And when that happens… just cuddle them REAL HARD, and respect the boundaries that keep chaos barely at bay in this animalistic, fiery world of raw fucking passion.

Don’t burn yourself flying too close to the sun!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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