Respecting Boundaries of Primary Couples

Polyamory means having access to people, places and things that the average monogamous couple chooses to take away from the intimacy equation. We are privileged to feel and share sexuality in a way that most of society is conditioned and molded to not experience, and it’s a blessing!

But the curse of such bliss? Falling deep in love with someone who is with another person… and having the amazing ability to still share intimate moments of joy with them!!

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I met an awesome couple, and they liked me. Yay! So, they asked me over to play. I went, and we all had a grand ol’ time. But I noticed I had a REALLY SPECTACULAR connection to the ladyfriend in particular. She was just dreamy and delightful, delicious and divine. And I was blessed enough to receive a request from her to play together on our own. The good sir obliged us, and off we were on our merry way, exploring our chemistry and expressing our sparkling passion to each other.

It kept getting better and better, every time. And I was really becoming very fond of this woman in particular… but I HAD TO respect the boundaries in place. So I didn’t say everything I felt like saying, and I didn’t give everything I felt like giving. Not in a deceptive, manipulative, game-playing way, but in a way that offered ALL the romance I could safely offer, without violating their relationship in the meantime, or breaking our agreement together. So I kept it cool while it was still heating up.

And to this day, that’s where it remains! I adore her insanely, I cherish him marvelously, but I contain my insatiable passion for her in the boundaries we all have selected together. If he is cool with it, when it feels right to discuss such matters, I will request more quality private time with her, alongside our sweet threesomes. And this way, everybody stays happy! ┬áBut damn… do I ever want to expand the possibilities I experience with this heavenly woman!

Yet I control my self.

In honor,
Addi Stewart

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