Loving all Your Lovers Equally in Poly Relationships

There is insecurity, which I spoke of as being the Kryptonite to a polyamorous person’s powerful dream’s and super pleasures coming true. Yes!

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But there is something else I would like to make a metaphorical comparison to, and if there was some kind of secondary equivalent to the lack of faith in ourselves to be enough for our lovers to cherish, and not feel the need to be anything different, then I would say the new Kryptonite for Superlovers and other Heroes, would be comparison of relationships!

It’s not quite the Kryptonite of insecurity, it’s like it’s bratty ass and borderline violent little brother, if Kryptonite was a crippling heart-crusher of self-esteem in a polyamorous person’s purity.

Kal-El had another weakness, he needed sunlight or else he would wither away into frailty, and this is what comparison does to relationships: takes good and strong truth, and ruins them with parallel irrelevance to weaken their foundation. This is not necessary to anyone really.

There can be a psychological evaluation or re-evaluation one may conduct, or someone may like to just admire the diversity growing wildly and freakily in their erotic garden, but to actually look at the roses, and compare them to the lilies, and then compare them to the chrysanthemums, and then be like “but are any of them really as beautiful as these gorgeous violets?”

It’s to deny and destroy all the inherent beauty of each and every flower, which are all necessary to make the garden what it is. There’s not any more or less beautiful flowers, they all have different intrinsic values to the beauty cherished by the eye. And without dandelions, you could not appreciate daffodils as much.

There would be no logical reason why Superman or Supergirl could not simultaneously inhale each and every fragrance in the air, without confusing or comparing them in a competitive way! Even if there is some kind of preference shown to a particular smell, this does not take away from the enjoyment of each other’s fragrance and flower in the garden!

The daisies are sitting there in the back, and not even getting all that much sunlight or water, but do you hear them complaining about how nobody loves them like the roses? Nah, you don’t, because the daisies know “comparison is the thief of joy!” So, when spring rolls around, the daisies are like “awwww yeah, it’s my time to shine! I’m gonna get fucking plucked hardcore now. Screw you ugly-ass roses!”

Well, I’m just kidding. They would say all that except for the last part. They are not insecure and they are not comparing themselves to the roses. They just know their time to get plucked is coming, and always comes, and there is no need for comparing or competing for attention in Superman’s or Supergirl’s nostrils.

Lois Lane needs flowers, and Superman is going to get them for her. Doesn’t matter what he gets though, any flower is a good flower. No need to compare! Just enjoy.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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