How to Undress for Your Lover: Tips for Men

Not that I ever want to complain about it, but usually the woman is the seductress in the bedroom, the kitchen, or anywhere the teasing foreplay goes down.

The man is most often the voyeur or recipient, and it’s damn near time we turn those tables and get some men playing their part in the seduction square!

It’s an equal opportunity game, and the other hidden truth that some people don’t know about is that it’s far better to have both ends of the spectrum in your wheelhouse of experience, whether it’s domming or bottoming, tying or being tied up, undressing or watching someone else undress.

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Men around the world are woefully unequipped in the educational aspects of the power of a tantalizing tease. But how many lap dances have those same men received? How many dancers on poles have they watched? How many times have those men seen a woman peel off her clothes slowly but surely for the sake of their arousal?

This disproportionate imbalance must be rectified! Guys, it’s time you learn how to take it off and make her want more than just your sexy self. Make her want to see your inner scamp. Make her want to witness your sensual nature. Make her wait for you, as you slip into something more comfortable…

Let’s work our way down to the naughty bits now, shall we? Let the undressing of tonight’s gentleman commence!

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5 Steps for a Sexy Striptease

1. Strip Shoes and Socks

Most of you won’t have much experience doing a Salma Hayek level striptease, so let’s make it easy, but also still decent for whoever is viewing it.

You need a simple routine if you are going to step out of your comfort zone to do something new, so let’s make it sexy to remove your shoes and socks. Take it at least half as slow as you normally go. Act like you’re going to work a shift you don’t want to.

Take shoelaces off with slow teasing intent. Look at her before you take off each shoe. Agonize a little with the extra amount of time you take to do EVERYTHING. Peel your socks off slowly, possibly unrolling them on your feet. Maybe pull the tips of the toes so they stretch like stockings.

Place your shoes beside the bed gingerly. Be deliberately excruciating in your usage of time. This is the essence of a tease.

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2. Peel Pants/Shorts

So, the shoes and socks are off. Good work. Now, make the next part even MORE sensual and horny. You are dealing with the bottoms, and you want to make sure you take these off SUPER slow.

They could give away something you might have wanted to keep to the imagination, but if the bulge is about to be discovered, then TURN AROUND. Tease your ass in your underwear for half a minute.

Shimmy your hips a tiny bit. Sway and dance to the beat of your own strip routine. Maybe roll the pants down to the knee, and then pull them back over your hips for a few seconds.

Be unexpected and erotic in the way you take your pants off. Do a sizzle finger on your ass for fun. Then discard them like you don’t care about their future. Move to the next stage of the undressing.

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3. Remove Shirts/Tops

Stop and let her soak in the scenery. You’re officially shirt-cocking it, and this is a hilarious and strange phenomena where your dick may be exposed, but your chest is covered up. Odd position to be in, as far as appearances go, but boldly go where few men have gone before while making her smile.

Wiggle your waist. Take the scenic route while disrobing. If you’re wearing a button-up shirt, blow a kiss or wink at her or twerk every time you undo a button. Show some belly while you’re at it, like it’s the most desirable mid-section in history.

Give zero fucks about the state of your body. Sex appeal is 50% what you got and 50% what people THINK you got! So you know you just gotta put your all into it, and let your lucky lover do the rest.

Every emotion works in a striptease—you can be playful, shy, powerful, silly, mysterious, horny, angry, communicative. As long as you FEEL IT in your body, and express that fully. Even if you’re just taking your shirt off over your head, be sure that you’re revealing an Adonis underneath, even if you look the opposite.

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You’re supposed to be giving a fantasy during an undressing striptease, so make sure you give them ALL of the confidence you have. It’s supposed to be fun for everyone, so please try to smile.

Make sure your shirt is over your head by the time you are done with your routine. Don’t take too long, but don’t speed it up. The more the pile of clothes on the floor grows, the more skin you show!

4. Abandon Accessories

Almost at Nakedsville, this is the last level of whatever is left to remove—glasses, hats, jewelry and other adornments. And even though it’s not clothing, make sure you add some sass to the taking off of any remaining accouterments.

If you have a man bun, be charming in letting your hair down. If you have a hat on, maybe put it on her head. Cover her face with it, then remove anything else you’re wearing. Lift the hat away from her face, and VOILA—The Grand Reveal!

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5. Undress Your Defenses

This is the LAST secret level to work on every time you do something adventurous together. You may be hesitant to get as playful as you can be if you are conservative or have fear in your head, and thus the undressing won’t be as fun as imagined for either of you.

But once you get over yourself, your insecurities, and shed your uniform from the day’s work, you will hopefully be ready to play and frolic and have the best time possible.

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Have you performed a striptease for you lover, or do you prefer to watch?

Take it all off,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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