Taking a Chance on Love

Polyamory’s Leaps of Faith: Flying Towards Hope

Shoutout to my homegirl moving to France to marry a man who loves her enough to propose to her after loving her quietly for years, then flying her over to Paris for a vacation when she was stressing hard in Toronto! I’m so happy for her and him, and even though I don’t believe in marriage, I believe in doing things inspired by LOVE. And anyone taking a chance on love is doing something worth remembering when they are young. This is the way to feel alive.

How many people will be able to say to their grandchildren: “I moved half way across the world for love, when I felt like I had no other option. I took a leap of faith and hoped to land in the right heart!” So few people will be able to say things like that, I believe. I think that a lot more people will be able to count the times they saw an opportunity for love or romance or even just lusty attraction, and they let fear and social convention creep into the moment, and poison all possibility. It’s just not encouraged for people to elope and follow their heart and chase their dreams. But I’M not going to perpetuate that fear-filled bullshit, oh no!

I can’t tell you how many times I was the fortunate soul who was courageous enough to say something unusual or inviting, and it opened the doors to some special moment and sweet opportunity. Just reaching your hand out sometimes is all it takes. But one must gamble! Roll the dice. Bet the house. Take a chance on love.

Once, a beautiful angel, who was melting me with instant magical chemistry while down on the boardwalk, was feeling admittedly attracted but also a little nervous about instantly responding to the honest request I had laid upon the doorstep of her heart. But after I took the leap of faith, I let myself linger on the edge of hope and closed my eyes, and let the beautiful warm evening sun to shine on my face, appreciating the sweet serenity of the moment I may have been blessed to taste in the future…

…she gently kissed me on the lips, ever so delicately.

It was one of the most shocking but satisfying sexual experiences I’ve felt in quite some years!

You just gotta swing for the fences sometimes. Not all the time, of course. It’s not really that smart to spend all your energy expending it to everyone.

Obviously, first off: not everyone is polyamorous. Not everyone into polyamory is into the same types of multiple partner sexual relationships. Not everyone into poly is into BDSM. Not everyone into BDSM is into poly! Not everyone into polyamory is into having the same amount of sex you’re seeking. So, right off the bat, you are already informed that you would be a fool to try to put all your effort into every possible relationship to come your way. It just wouldn’t be possible. The mystery and magnificence comes from discovering what ones have the core chemistry to make mutual magic.

But in polyamory, if you don’t have the courage to try new things, you will not really be appreciating the privileges of membership in Club Polyamory!

And there’s no point in going to Disneyland if you’re not going to ride the rides! I’m going on the Michael Jackson Moonwalker when I go, ya damn right, SHAMON!

Take leaps of polyamoric faith. Go to new clubs. Send randy texts to prospects thoust admire courting. Take your shirt off. Dance with a stranger. Request a kiss!

You never know until you try.

And if you never try, you’ll never touch…

In love,
Addi Stewart

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