How to Host a Successful Swingers Party

So, you’re about to host your first swingers party? Congratulations on diving into the deeper levels of personal fantasy, and inviting friends along with you.

Hosting a swingers party isn’t about gathering friends for chips and dip and rum and cokes, with some pop tunes or karaoke in the background. A swingers party is a sex party that features and focuses on couples sharing themselves with other couples.

A swingers party is like a party on sexual steroids. If you have the spoons to throw a normal dance party at home and also know how to be a responsible sexual adult in mixed company, you might have all that it takes to host a great swingers party.

How to Host a Swingers Party

1. Plan Well in Advance

Hosting a swingers party is not a last minute kind of affair, not if you want it to be successful and satisfying for all those in attendance. Give yourself at least three weeks, if not more, to put your swingers party together.

No matter how long you prepare, there will probably be some last-minute things that fall apart, so make sure you have contingency plans for emergencies that might pop up. Remember, no party is really perfect… still: party on!

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three women lying on bed with legs up at swinger party.

2. Invite the Right People

A few people just might cancel on you when the day of the swingers party comes. Are they sick? Did someone have their period come a few days early? Did they have an unexpected emergency? Maybe they have had second thoughts because it’s their first time swinging.

Invitees cancel for all kinds of reasons, so make sure you invite MORE than enough people. Invite reliable people, invite fun and sexy people, invite adults who know how to communicate, and invite couples who want to be there and will RSVP.

Most importantly, invite people to your swingers party who are in the swingers lifestyle and will be happy to adhere to swingers party conduct.

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3. Your Home or Another Venue?

Your swinger party location determines a whole lot, because it’s much harder to have fun and fuck when its your responsibility to keep the toilet paper stocked, refill the condom tray, greet the guests, and do all the stuff that a decent party host would do… even if you have a partner to help you do all these things.

If you have it at your home, try to get a few friends to help out with extras. If you have it at another place, you usually don’t have to worry about it as much, but then you do have to make sure nothing gets broken or improperly used if you’re renting or using a friend’s house. Choose wisely, play wisely.

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4. Choose a Theme and Decorate

Having a fetish or decade or holiday theme is all you need to take your party from a potential 10 to a 25! Encourage costumes, decorations, anything that adds to the environment and puts guests in the mood for flirty fun.

This is good for any party, but a swingers party is even better because it might help people get comfortable if they are more conservative or unprepared to dive in. Themes help to encourage interaction which is a basic necessity when hosting a swingers party.

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Couple Dancing at hosted swinger party.

5. Don’t Forget the Music

Grinding, slapping, grunting, humping and fucking as a singular audio soundtrack is raw and arousing as hell, but it’s also awkward and uncomfortable for some folks, haha.

When you host a swingers party, provide the patrons with some groovy tunes to loosen the mood. Make it instrumental if you really don’t want too much distraction. The easiest way to go is just type in a mood on your music streaming service to find a decent playlist.

You probably won’t play it all, but music is like a condom: Better to have it on hand, just in case!

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6. Establish Ground Rules

Make it clear and known to all from the get-go what the rules of consent are for all attendees.

Ask loudly and clearly if anyone has any objections or personal specifications that they need known to the collective. Everyone is allowed to have their needs and private rules respected, so make sure all folks feel invited to express these in both the overall group setting and private moments.

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7. Offer Libations and Snacks

Have water, coconut water, fruit juices, veggie juice, or kombucha, as well as alcohol beverages if you so choose, but restrict it accordingly if and when necessary. Also make have delicious snacks available before, after, and during swingers party fun.

You only have cookies, muffins, and grapes? Fine, that’s enough if that’s all you’ve got. Something is better than nothing, and nothing is unacceptable! At a swingers party, replenish energy for the sexy folks. It’s just proper etiquette!

Man hosting a swinger party with a couple drinking wine.

8. Plan Swinger Games

Fucking isn’t all you can do at a swingers party! Maybe pull out Twister for some naked fun on the floor or gather in a circle for a round of spin the bottle. If you feel like warming up in another way, play Truth or Dare or 7 Minutes in Heaven.

Party games work as a sexy icebreaker for couples getting to know one another.

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9. Designate Rooms for Sex and Rooms for Socializing

It’s just smart to separate the sexy-time activity from the sideshow sensual time activity. Keep the living room or TV room as a chill space for folks who may not want to fuck or are who are just cooling down their genitals after a previous round of swingers sexiness.

Have a room for fucking and a room for talking, and keep them semi-separate, the best you can! Trust us on this.

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10. Provide Condoms and Lube

Make sure you have way too many condoms, because you never want your epic swingers party swinging when a guest blurts out, “Oh fuck, we’re out of condoms!” or “We’re out of lube, and saliva isn’t working!”

People might start thinking of household items that are NOT sufficient replacements for lube or condoms. As the host of a swingers party, you don’t want to be remembered for failing to provide vital essential resources required for a good swingers event, so stock the fuck up!

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You do all that, and you will (probably) hit a home run out the park of the field of wet dreams, and you will (most likely) have a great swingers party!

Do you have experience with hosting swinger parties? What would you add?

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