Polyamory is the Solution for Many Couples

Polyamory, like any relationship, can bring all kinds of complications into someone’s life. And those perceived problems are why some people don’t consider getting involved with more than one at a time.

Even curious folks who know they’re best suited to sharing more than one partner can steer clear because of the specific challenges involved in poly romances.

But polyamory is also the solution!

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Polyamorous relationships are the CURE for a wide number of problems. None of monogamy, polyamory—or celibacy for that matter—work for all people all the time. But when you consider the pros and cons of something different, it’s a good idea to remember to consider the pros, not just the cons.

No more worrying about her being attracted to others.

We spend a lot of time worrying about measuring up, being better or hotter than another, and whether our loved one will follow through on their natural attractions to other people.

But this entire fear becomes null and void when she does all of those things with your blessing.

No more worrying about your attraction to others!

We have all hidden how horny someone other than our partner makes us, or erased our porn watching history, or suffered through an intense desire for someone else that we couldn’t have.

Strangely enough, this can be the hardest part of learning to love without limits. We are so used to trying to “control” the fact that we have many attractions that it can be strange at first to realize that it’s okay. We really can have our cake and eat it too, and whoever said otherwise wasn’t very imaginative.

She’s bisexual—problem solved!

One of the hottest things about the woman you love is that she also loves babes. But that’s a double-edged sword for a guy in one-on one relationships. No matter how much chemistry is between you, you cannot make love like a woman and you do not have breasts.

You worry all the time that the sexy porn you watch together isn’t satisfying all of her longings, and she has told you straight out that she misses licking pussy.

This is not a problem when relationships expand beyond the two of you! It’s not either/or. It’s all of the above!

You’re turned on by the thought of two women.

Never mind that your lover loves women. Like 97 percent of men on the planet, one of your main turn ons is the idea of two women together. A lot of men have to beg their girl to try a threesome, and they’re lucky if it happens now and again on a birthday. Polyamory opens the door to this being a main course a lot of the time. That’s heaven for her, and for you.

You feel jealous, but don’t ideally believe it’s healthy or constructive.

We all feel jealousy. But being in a relationship with just one other person, we do more to nurture jealousy and let it fester than we do to overcome it. Polyamory means putting our ideals into practice, having the opportunity to confront difficult emotions and get over them.

Polyamory saves families and marriages.

You know it’s possible to love more than one person at the same time, but when natural situations arise in traditional relationships, it often means a marriage or a family has to fall apart and suffer. But what if the very normal, very common situation of loving more than one person, or being sexual with someone else, didn’t automatically mean breaking up and losing someone you love?

Poly relationships focus on values like honesty rather than trying to enforce unrealistic restrictions that have never worked.

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