Can You Have Too Many Lovers?

Is there such a thing as trying to love too many people? Is there such a thing as trying to have sex with too many people?

These questions are similar, but very different. I’d like to try and answer them from my own experiences, even though there are really no final answers in the realm of Love…

Can a person love too many people? I think the answer is: NOPE! When it comes to the capacity of the heart, I do believe she is the only infinite source of energy we can, and will, ever know. And I honestly believe that there is no limit to the amount of relationships, friends, romantic partners, acquaintances, and even enemies that one can begin to see as connections that deserve to become love. It all depends on the person’s personal state of emotional generosity and emotional desire, but I do believe there isn’t a limit to the amount of people we can try to care for, connect to, and create a loving memory in life with. There is no boundary to love, except for the ones we make, so I don’t believe that there is a boundary to the relationships in love that we can hope to manifest in our lives. On the other hand…

Can a person have sex with too many people? I think the answer is: NO… but*! What is the “but*”? (Besides it being a lovely part of your anatomy?)

I also believe a person can’t have sex with too many people, but… they CAN start to lose responsibility for parts of their life that might not be as vitally necessary for daily existential functionality as having one more sexual encounter, and that’s when it’s possible to have too much sex. The sex isn’t the problem, but the diminishing of dealing with duties around the rest of your life is the problem… because then at some point, it’s almost guaranteed to bleed over into chaos-ville, and your sex life’s allotment of energy will begin to sap away at your daily life’s allotment of energy, and then it’s a slippery slope to being completely off-balance, and then you’re late for work because you were up all night fucking. Again. And that’s when a person might have to check themselves and how much sex they are having. It’s just about balancing your self. Is your food, clothing and shelter taken care of? If yes, then you don’t have too much more to worry about. A stable home environment and a secure economic situation are some of the key elements to a person’s inner well-being, and once that is established… then why not celebrate a little? Or A LOT?!

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Sex is a pretty good way to celebrate. So is Love!

And I say this, because at this point in time, I am constantly celebrating Love and Sex, because I am currently in the heavenly company of ten lovers! Cupid, Aphrodite and all the Gods & Goddesses of Romance are smiling favorably upon my intimate endeavors! Do I have time to Love them all? Yes, it seems like it so far! Do I have time to have sex with them all? Yes, it also seems like it, so far!! Some of these divine polyamorous partners of mine are happy to see me every two weeks, or once a month, and some of them are seen twice a week, if possible. ALL of them receive ALL my Love when I see them, and I NEVER have ever mixed up any of my Lovers with anyone else, in the moment of ecstacy. It’s the best dream I could ever feel in my fortunate reality! And yes, I always feel like I have enough time to organize a way to give my Love to every single earth angel I have sex with. It’s crazy, it’s crammed to the hour, and it’s kinda chaotic, but it’s actually organized, awesome and amazing to experience such profound joy from so many lovely women! Polyamory is the dream of dreams for those who have hearts huge enough to hold ideas like “why should I limit my love to one person, when I dream and desire to make love and have sex with?”

You shouldn’t. Ever!

Finding Balance in Polyamory Relationships

In sexy love,
Addi Stewart

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