8 Tips for Oral Sex during Her Period

Oral sex when she’s having her period? You may be wondering if oral is on the table at that time of the month.

Period sex is a common taboo, even for some folks who are poly and kinky.

A lot of the time it’s me, not you. I personally do not feel up for a lot of sex during the heaviest days of menstruation, thank you very much. And even if I am comfortable having period sex, I might not want you going downtown.

Menstruating is, of course, a natural process that doesn’t have to stop sex if both (or all) of you are comfortable. Not even oral sex!

Oral Sex, Orgasms, and Menstruation

Eating pussy is a very important part of sex, after all. It’s one of the best routes to female arousal, and even more important when it comes to her having an orgasm!

Some guys may be shy about licking her when she’s on her period because you aren’t sure if she’s comfortable. Many women, like myself, shy away from oral or sex in general at this time. But others find the changing hormones makes her extra horny, but she abstains because she isn’t sure how you feel about getting up close and personal with a bloody vulva.

Even though I’m not first in line for period sex, as with most women, since we menstruate once a month, it is going to come up some of the time. I’m more likely to be intimate in that way with a trusted lover. So yes, there have been times when I enjoyed receiving cunnilingus when I was bleeding. Not only that, but as a lover of women, sometimes my lovers have their periods, and I have on occasion both given and received oral sex during menstruation.

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8 Tips for Oral Sex on Her Period

Since you likely date many women or a have more than one partner at a time, you’ve probably been there too. Here’s what you need to know to make it more comfortable next time for both of you.

1. Remember, menstrual blood is blood.

I’m stating the obvious here. But for those who are upset that not everyone is into period sex, assuming it’s internalized shame for me (it’s not, it’s more about bloating, but anyways) or that it’s misogyny for you, just a little reminder that menstrual blood is blood.

It is natural, normal, beautiful, and medical—nothing to be ashamed of. But it is not empty of viruses, either. It is for fluid bonded lovers, or special occasions. It can require safe sex protocols. It is not a free for all.

Menstrual sex is much more risky than vaginal sex while she’s not menstruating! You can contract HIV or hepatitis and more.

2. Get acquainted with her pussy all over again.

Understand that sex while she’s menstruating is not exactly the same as any other time.

Her vagina will look and smell differently, and you’ll want to get reacquainted and get comfortable. It is natural for her to have stronger scents of vaginal secretions. These will change from day to day as well, and range from pungent, to musky, to sour, to metallic.

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3. Get comfy with the look, taste, and smell of blood.

In addition to the hormones that change the scent of her vagina and vulva, blood itself is something you want to get familiar with if you’re going downtown. If you are fluid bonded and plan to lap away while she’s flowing like a river, you’ll want to be familiar with the sight and scent and taste of menstruation.

Menstrual blood can be watery, viscous, or stringy and gelatinous like egg whites. There may be small or large clots and uterine tissues in it. It can be bright red, dark red, light red, watery red or pink, brown, dark brown, or wine colored.

4. Some men love women’s blood.

Some guys are up for anything and love everything. But some specifically love female blood, including or especially menstrual blood.

Guys who are into the vampire thing may enjoy the elemental bloody aspect of period oral because they can play out their blood sucking fetish without causing harm. Menophiles love the taste and smell of menstrual blood. They may have a menstruation fetish because it’s taboo, or maybe they perceive it as primal and animal.

5. You can minimize her bleeding.

If both of you want to enjoy oral sex with less blood, she can soak in a hot tub or take a long hot shower first. She can put a sponge into her pussy or a period cup. You can enjoy oral sex on lighter days instead of the heaviest ones. She can wear a tampon, and tuck it inside, if you aren’t going to penetrate her with fingers, toys, or your cock.

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6. Be creative to keep things clean.

The dollar store sells tarps and plastic shower curtains for a couple of bucks. Throwing these under a dark sheet is a great clean up for all kinds of messy or wet sex! At the very least, just use a dark towel. You can put one underneath her and have another one handy for wiping up.

7. Go down in the shower.

Depending on what kind of facilities you have, and how heavy her flow is, you can play right in the shower, whisking fluids away as you go.

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8. Keep in mind that fucking can increase blood flow.

Thrusting against her insides can push more blood out, so if you’re following up with cock-in-pussy sex, keep that towel handy. If you have intercourse first, or going back and forth, you may see or taste more blood after thrusting.

Do you still give oral sex during a woman’s period? Please share.

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