Period Sex: Everything You Need to Know

If you are polyamorous with multiple women, then you definitely experience period sex more often than most.

Menstruation & Sex: What to Know

Menstruation is the natural hormonal and reproductive end process of a woman’s body preparing for pregnancy each month. Her menstrual cycle includes ovulating, then shedding the lining of her uterus when that egg is not fertilized.

Although there is always something happening inside her body during that menstrual cycle, “menstruation” or “getting her period” refers to the time when she is bleeding.

Women menstruate monthly, on average, with cycles normally around the four-week mark but some women have slightly shorter or longer cycles. Hormone treatments, stress, medication, exercise, and other stuff can bring on a period early or more often, bring it on later, or cause her to skip one or more. She typically bleeds for two to seven days, depending on factors like age, health, and hereditary traits.

How Does Menstruation Make a Woman Feel?

While menstruation is normal, natural, and ultimately a beautiful thing, most women tolerate rather than enjoy this week.

Fluctuating hormones cause havoc in moods, and some women experience crying jags or rage or are just more emotional than usual. This is the infamous PMS or premenstrual syndrome. Most women experience some discomfort physically as well, including painful breasts, headaches, nausea, pelvic pain, frequent urination, cramps, bloating, and diarrhea.

For a few women, these symptoms are severe and last several days rather than merely annoy her for a few hours. In particular, painful cramps plague some women. You probably noticed that one partner may have very “bad” periods while others take a Midol and a nap and are good to go. The unlucky women may have consistently painful periods from adolescence onward, or they may fluctuate in severity from month to month or decade to decade.

Menstruation typically starts around age eleven or twelve, but can come earlier or later. Women can experience menopause or the end of menstrual cycles around age fifty, give or take a few years, with considerable variation earlier or later.

Is Period Sex Safe?

Although many couples avoid sex on the heaviest days of her period, sex during menstruation is also normal, natural, and safe, most of the time.

Some guys are uncomfortable about period sex, but most of you are hands off out of respect for her pains or moods. Many women would prefer to avoid sex while menstruating, because we aren’t aroused when experiencing painful contractions, expelling clumps of blood and tissue, gassy, and nauseous.

However, some women are especially sensitive at period time because of those hormones! If she is horny there is no reason to avoid it.

7 Tips for Great Period Sex

1. Fuck the Pain Away

Even if she is in pain, period sex might be practical: orgasms can help relieve menstrual cramps, and physical closeness can be comforting. You can modify sex to be non-penetrative if she prefers. Either way, orgasms are helpful and beneficial to her body while she’s menstruating. Lots of women masturbate more often during menstruation to relieve the pain and discomfort.

2. Enjoy Casual Encounters

We have all experienced cancellation of hookup plans because she gets her period. If both of you (or all of you) are comfortable, it is perfectly fine to have sex with her menstruating. But typically, lovers are more comfortable with period sex when they know each other well. Period sex is more raw and more intimate and can take some trust.

3. Expect the Blood

Period sex may not be as messy and bloody as expected. On some days there is very little blood. But it might be bloody. This can be extremely elemental and primal and intimate.

The sight of blood on our bodies can be disturbing, even when we’ve seen it every month for decades. It can also be exciting and arousing.

Blood can be bright red, and there is also light pink fluid and clear fluid and brown fluid. Menstrual blood often has clumps or clots in it as well, and bits of tissue. This is perfectly normal.

Her pussy will smell different from the shifting hormones. This sharp scent can also be exciting. It may make her less comfortable, or you may not like it. The blood itself may also have a strong scent, often described as “coppery.”

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4. Be Prepared

Things can get messy but that doesn’t have to be a downside. Soak soiled sheets and clothing in cold water before washing. Blood can be tricky to get out, so you might have a special set of dark sheets and towels that you use during that “time of the month.”

You can also use a plastic tablecloth or shower curtain underneath you for easy clean up. A condom can keep your cock covered. Have sex in the shower or tub: you can get totally animal and revel in the primal excitement of being covered in blood, then turn on the hose for easy clean up.

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5. Receive Oral

The classic joke among guys is that period sex is blowjob time. If she’s not comfortable being penetrated, or even being pleasured (she may feel too bloated or sensitive), she may still want to pleasure you. A blowjob from start to finish is a bonus for many!

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6. Play It Safe

Period sex is generally as safe as regular sex, give or take. Yes, you can get or give STIs during menstrual sex. Menstrual blood can carry HIV but generally has a lot less than regular blood. You can get STIs from menstrual blood during oral sex. Because of hormone changes in her body, her fluids may also have more of the bacteria that cause yeast infections. These are common for women, and some guys get them on their penis from her.

Play it safe with a condom. She can use a menstrual cup or a sea sponge to reduce blood flow during sex or oral sex. You can use a dental dam as well.

7. Explore Your Fetish

While most guys are comfortable with period sex, that doesn’t mean that you are necessarily “into” it. However, some guys have a bona fide kink for menstrual blood. Menophiles may want to touch, lick, kiss, drink, and fuck with menstrual blood present, and even want to sniff and savor bloody underwear, pads, or tampons. Menophilia is the name of the kink, although some of these guys call themselves “bloodhounds.”

If you are turned on by menstruation, let her know. Some women avoid period sex because they don’t want to “gross out” their partners. Knowing you feel differently can make it happen!

What tips can you share about menstruation sex from your experience? 

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