Morning Sex: 7 Reasons to Indulge & Enjoy

Forget breakfast or coffee! A booty call is the only wake-up call you need.

While we all love the anticipation that supercharges a day before an evening date, that first roll in the hay has some serious benefits. Here’s why you should have more morning sex.

7 Reasons to Have Morning Sex

1. You wake up fresh, with a woody to go.

It can be tricky to orchestrate libido at the end of an exhausting day. She’s finishing up a report for work, and you’re running on empty. Maybe you both enjoyed a nice dinner and a shared bottle of wine, but now those relaxing effects aren’t exactly what you were gunning for. Your penis is sound asleep, and it looks like Netflix and chill.

Your circadian rhythm and hormone cycle are fast and fresh in the morning and more often than not, you wake up with an erection. Why not make use of this convenient fact?

2. Morning sex is more fun than going to the gym.

Physical activity is good for the body and mind, and it doesn’t have to be an extreme workout. Engaging in lots of moderate movement is even better than spurts of hardcore action. Get a frisky little tumble in before you hit the shower, and you’ll raise your energy levels straight off the bat. Walk to work? Hell, you’ll probably dance all the way there!

3. You’ll boost your immunity.

Sex is as important as supplements when it comes to boosting your immune system. Not only is moderate activity important, but there are hormones and molecules released during the deed that contribute to health and to fighting off infections and disease.

4. Sex in the morning is great way to release stress.

Sex in the morning releases feel-good chemicals and helps the body balance cortisol and negative emotions. You can start your day off in a way that helps prevent bad moods later.

5. Morning sex is a great excuse for a quickie.

We don’t want sex to be rushed all the time, but the occasional race against the clock quickie can be super hot and provide variety in your repertoire.

6. Sex starts your day on a positive note.

Bonding through sex builds intimacy. Sometimes you make love and have to go home, at other times it’s a luxurious night beside her. Morning sex is an extra opportunity to hook up, bringing you closer before you have to separate for the work world. This is a wonderful way to get more we-time together in bed, even if it’s brief, and start the day off right.

We’re not necessarily camera ready or kissing ready first thing when we wake up. So what? You can brush your teeth quickly before hopping into a sexy shower for two together, or turning back to bed for a little in and out before the snooze button goes off.

Do you enjoy sex in the morning? What makes it special for you?

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