Meeting Your Lover’s Other Lovers

There are moments when you gotta just step back and hug yourself, and everyone else in arms reach. If it’s okay with everyone, step back and kiss yourself and then everyone else too. Put on some James Brown shit cause the kindness is circulating and flowing more than ever.

So often, people are lurching and stumbling from dilemma to dilemma, heartbreak to ghosting, bad day to bad date night, and things aren’t kosher, coolio, or coming up Milhouse. Then you survive and scrape and scrap your way to some shining day, where happiness abounds. This happensĀ not only with your lovers, but with your lover’s partners!

I just had an awesome experience going to a house party held by one of my closest sexual angels, and it was a delicious gathering of open hearts and souls. Plus a yummy potluck. But also served that night, was a big fat plate of “Hi, I’m Your Lover’s New Partner”, and it was a warm, healthy, nourishing moment for me to take into my system.

I’m very compersive (if that’s not a word, it sure is now!) I’m not possessive of partners, and I’m so busy making love that I don’t often find time to meet other partners. It’s nothing personal, I’m just having a lot of sex, and I don’t have the extra energy to socialize most days.

So I was at this house party and met a super cool partner of my lover. We talked about music, culture, the world of business, and a lot of other insightful topics before we were like “You want a hug, man?” and “Sure!” I saw my lover (well, OUR lover, to be precise) walk by, and just smile a big fat smile from seeing us two talk and bond.

It was all sincere. He was genuinely an interesting guy, and if he makes her happy, then I’m happy for both of them, and all of us. So yeah, it is possible to like your lover’s partners. Polyamory is that awesome.

In joy,
Addi Stewart

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