Bringing Polyamory Partners Together

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… and sometimes, it was the most marvelously spectacularly grandest of good times for one and all involved. When these are the days—rejoice, amis!

There are times and moments in the journey of an adventurous polyamorist, where one looks around at reality, takes a deep breath, and says to themselves “Hot damn, life can be fucking fantastic!” And I just had one of those moments like I’ve never had before. If you don’t mind, I’ll share the goods, and I hope it inspires you to find and feel your own awesome sauce covered fantasy realities!

So, I was just a putting along, doing my regular old thing, attempting to heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race. I was gathering some friends to try and create a lasting monument to human relationship improvement and sexual educational evolution—a Love School if you will—and the meeting was going swimmingly.

Merriment, laughter, lessons, revelations, hugs, all that yummy juicyness for all to indulge in. And then… it ended. Gracefully, and naturally. But as many great moments in life will inform those with open hearts and adventurous minds… when God closes one party spot, she opens another little location for an after-hours shindig, babyyyy!

I went up to my place, and some of the attendees had decided to join me there. Oy vay, what a delight it became! Know why? Because they all were my lovers. And they all knew it. And nobody cared!

Three different types of poly relationships at three different levels of connection and interaction, all sharing life lessons, love and joy and frustration and feelings together, like it was nothing. Because it was no big deal. That’s how we all treated it in every moment we shared together, and there was not a SINGLE moment of jealousy, cattiness, insecurity, or friction, I swear on my tickled pink testicles this is truth!

One of the lovers was actually healing a relationship re-evaluation we had just experienced together, and this was the unofficial end of a temporary break. But we healed it perfectly.

Another divine lover was someone who I didn’t even expect to see, but they surprised me with their open presence and their delightful insights into love and childhood education.

The other person there was an immensely cherished lover and partner who actually assisted with a variety of details and issues I had been struggling with in the last seventy-two hours.

All of these partners were vital contributors to my sanity, well being and sexual satisfaction as of late.

It was a miracle moment of polyamorous harmony, and I am a blessed man to have been a part of it. Thank you
lovers and partners, you are angels to me!

Addi Stewart

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