How to Turn Jealousy into a Good Thing

I am happy with who I am. Really and truly. I love myself and my spirit to the point where I am able to walk away from many situations simply by knowing that I deserve better and that I give a better relationship.

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I chill comfortably in my chocolate epidermis, cradling my cojones, and not questioning my lovers as they go about work and play with their others. I am not bothered by it, and I’m not in competition with any man on earth for a woman’s affections.

I really don’t like to contribute to any type of jealousy in any way, shape or fashion so I stay in my lane and remain sane in my membrane. But! (There’s always a but if you’re lucky. A nice juicy round butt!)

What can you do with jealousy?

Let’s imagine it’s like money, concrete or gummy bear gelatin. Jealousy can then be used for a purpose now! Let us count a few:

1. Confront personal issues the jealousy stems from.

2. Make one’s self-awareness deepen with pinpointing reasons of jealousy.

3. Exercise to examine one’s inner devils.

4. Be a source of laughter and dark humor.

5. Help cope with feeling unworthy, when everyone feels this at some point.

6. Open up hidden wounds for re-evaluation.

7. Provide a reason to talk with the person you have jealousy with, and see how far you can go to solving it.

So few people in this society actually know enough emotional education methods to be aware of this kind of inner evolution, especially with men. And women too have their own kind and brand of dramatic jealousy and poisonous competition.

If you can grapple jealousy by the horns and work it til you have it under your control, then it can be empowering! It can be a bunch of things that are not quite just shitty as hell, which jealousy usually is. But the one thing it takes to deal with is: COURAGE.

Find that,  and you got 7 ways to transform your courage into crystal clear, golden wisdom… and then some!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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