5 Make-Up Sex Tips for Couples

Every couple fights, big or small, from time to time. Sometimes it’s over something like forgetting to pick up wine for dinner or taking the dog for a walk, and sometimes it can feel like an all out war, with emotions at the boiling point. Those intense emotions can sometimes (not always) be channelled into great make-up sex.

Of course, you’re not usually thinking about getting it on when a partner is pissing you off, but when it’s not something breakup worthy, there’s a good chance for using the arousal of anger for greater purposes. Similar chemicals are released when one is angry and sexually aroused, and make-up sex can be very animalistic – Roar!

Not every argument can be turned into something sexual, but these tips will help you to know if there is a possibility and how to guide a tiff towards something a little more enjoyable.

5 Make-up Sex Tips

1. Don’t push it. Picking a fight in order to arouse a partner’s ire is never a good idea. The majority of spats don’t lead to sex, so you can’t expect that every argument is going straight to the bedroom.

2. Don’t walk away. This is good advice for any kind of argument unless you’re one that needs to cool down before sorting things out. You have to stick around and be in your partner’s space if you think there’s a chance for make-up sex.

3. Take a risk. If some physical contact is happening… she’s pushing you away, poking you, etc., move in for a passionate kiss. If she’s not down on turning the mood around, you’ll know right away, and you’ll also know that at least you tried. If she is keen, don’t break the mood by suggesting you go to the bedroom – let the fires burn, wherever you are.

4. Apologize or suck it up. If things do turn sexual, it’s okay to resolve things in the moment. Usually, make-up sex only happens after an argument that isn’t that important anyway. Wiping the slate clean in the throes of passion means you won’t have to return to it later on.

5. Get kinky. Depending how adventurous you and your partner are, you may want to try a little spontaneous role playing. Have you done something that requires a little discipline? Has she? Perhaps a little spanking or bondage is in order. BDSM and kink aren’t for everyone, but it can be fun… even for kinky beginners.

Remember these tips the next time you and your lover have a row. Make-up up sex is rare, but it can really be intense and steamy and a great way to forget what you were arguing about in the first place.

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What’s your experience with make-up sex? Share your tips in the comments below!

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