Places Women Love to Have Sex

Time to Switch it Up
The bed is comfortable, sure, but having the bedroom as your only go-to place to get it on can become routine and expected. Keeping sex fresh in a long-term relationship or making sex memorable in a first-time hookup is what it’s all about. If your lover isn’t the type of woman to initiate new sexual ideas, then just go for it.

Think Outside the Bedroom

The first step to expanding the pleasure zone is to be creative. Try these places:

The dining room table – who says food is the only thing you can eat off the table, yum! And if you don’t have a dining room, the kitchen counter will work in a pinch. Start with the chivalrous act of carrying your lover to either surface before getting started.

The shower – sex standing up feels so good, and so does being held against the wall of the shower with our legs wrapped around our man. The water beating down only adds to the sensory experience and the slip sliding that’s going on.

The couch – this is often the starting place before things proceed to the bedroom, but why not just stay put. Making out on the couch reminds a girl of being a teenager which adds a romantic touch.

The garage – what better place to get a little down and dirty. Plus, there’s all sorts of kinky items that could be used for a little bondage play.

Backyard or Deck – sex under the stars with a cool breeze touching one’s body is very pleasurable. If you’re worried about neighbour voyeurs, pitch a tent or set up an awning with a bed sheet. Outdoor sex never goes out of style.

What other places can you suggest to keep sex interesting?

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