How to Make Her Come in Popular Sex Positions

Most women have sex position preferences for making it to orgasm. They find that one works best, and it becomes their go-to for the finale.

Here is the nitty gritty of how the main sex positions work with female orgasm in mind, and how you can make her climax from any of them.

How to Make Her Come in Popular Positions

Doggie Style

Your favorite! I love doggie too—there’s something about just taking a pounding and the sheer animality of it.

In casual dating situations, the lack of face to face is actually a real plus. She might not want too much deep kissing or eye contact with someone she barely knows.

You might find that most of your girlfriends, however, don’t orgasm in this position. That may be why it’s seen as a mismatch position—one guys love, but women no so much. I don’t think that perception is accurate because I actually find it super hot, and it feels so good. But mechanically speaking, I’m not likely to reach nirvana with you banging from behind.

To make her come, make sure doggie is the prelude to a position that works better for her. Or, use it as the after-party—when she’s satisfied and it’s your turn.

To up the chances of her climaxing in doggie position, use a few pillows for her to prop herself on so she can balance and reach down with her hand to rub her clitoris. You can stimulate too, with one or both free hands.


Woman on top is the gold standard for female orgasm, which is lucky for you because you get a great view of the action and a more relaxing interval while ecstasy is achieved.

When she’s in control, she can set the rhythm and pace to go with what works for achieving orgasm. Her hands can be free to rub her pussy, and there’s lots of room for a vibrator on her clit while she rides.

The face-to-face intimacy is also a wow factor for both of you.

If she’s a little self-conscious and can’t quite get there, close your eyes or put on a blindfold so she doesn’t feel scrutinized. Sometimes I just can’t come if someone is looking at me too intimately.

Alternately, if she’s uninhibited but still can’t come with someone watching, have her straddle you in reverse cowgirl when she’s ready to ride into the sunset. Then she has the privacy she needs to get off while you get a heavenly view of her backside.


The missionary position gets a lot of bad rap because it was considered the “right way” to have intercourse for too long. Variations were taboo, but that didn’t mean missionary didn’t have anything going for it!

The man-on-top sex position was also derided for being about him and not about her, yet more women than you’d expect actually enjoy missionary the most. If, god forbid, I was only allowed one sex position forever, this would be the one. There are wilder sex positions, but missionary is tried and true.

Women love feeling ravished and ravaged and surrounded by a man. We orgasm more easily when relaxed. This position lets her spread her legs or keep them together, depending what she needs to orgasm. And her hands are free to play with her clit so she can get off.

What sex positions do your lovers prefer for over-the-edge orgasms?

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