Home for the Holidays: Date Ideas for You and Yours

This has been a most challenging year, and many of us won’t be traveling to visit relatives for the holidays but staying in our bubble with a lover or two, maybe more

If this winter finds you stuck at home instead of whisking your lovers to festive cocktail soirees, ice skating parties, and seasonal ballet performances, don’t let your glitter die just yet.

Here are hot dates you can have when home alone. Put a little imagination into keeping things festive and frisky, and voilà, it will be a winter to remember.

8 Ideas for Stay-At-Home Dates

1. Kiss the Cooks

We all miss the lively clatter and beautiful people at our favorite restaurants, but make the most of the holidays by hosting a small dinner party for lovers. Have everyone dress up—who says there’s no use this year for slinky red dresses or glittering stilettos? Cook something new together, like French onion soup or Cornish game hen, to make it feel like a special occasion, and take time to choose special wines and table accents that reflect the season.

2. Let It Snow

A late afternoon in the snowy backyard works wonders when you need to get some fresh air. Relive your childhood with a playful snowball fight or build a family of snow people. After dark, head back outdoors to add some strategic carrots, snow boobs, jingle bells, and chestnut nipples. Let go and let the times be simple and bawdy.

3. Enjoy the Elements

No parties this year? No symphonies or office gift exchanges? Head out into the elements and commune with the beauty of nature in the woods nearby. An invigorating winter walk or cross country ski can get your butts off the sofa and show you the magic of the starry skies and snow-covered trees. Taking in the miracle of the landscape can reinvigorate your appreciation for the natural world, and later, let nature take its course as you curl up together.

4. Break out the Backgammon

If it’s just the two of you, get cerebral with a tough chess match or game of backgammon. If you’ve got a small group of lovers to entertain, have a ticket-to-ride marathon—winner takes you all!

For those who like to dress up, preplan a kinky role play for three or more. For the playful crowd, use of the 70s decor rec room downstairs for naked Twister or a game of strip poker.

5. Turn the Nutcracker Suite into the Honeymoon Suite

Don’t miss a black-tie evening at the opera house just because it’s closed. Stream a Nutcracker performance on your big screen tv and show up in your finest threads. Set up a thousand candles and snuggle in for a private performance.

6. Bake in the Buff

I’m not sure why, but my partner and I love baking in the nude at Christmas—it’s actually become a holiday tradition. We usually wear a cooking apron to cover the front or bottom, so we can cop a feel while walking by. It’s juvenile and fun. Play some jazzy holiday favorites, and bring on the gingerbread, sprinkles, and powdered sugar. Getting domestic is festive with the right company—it can turn into a wife swap, not just a cookie swap!

7. Host a Sex Toy Exchange

Make sure the needy and the naughty in your bubble have something to unwrap this holiday season by having a saucy sex toy exchange. After unwrapping some fun dildos and vibes, flavored warming lotions, and a pocket pussy or two, you can have a playdate. If you want to build anticipation you can hide toys around the house with clues or a treasure map.

8. Netflix and Chill, Revisited

A binge-watching weekend in doesn’t have to mean gorging on takeout pizza and sitting around in boxers or sweatpants. Trim the tree naked and kiss underneath the mistletoe. Run around the house nude and make snow angels. To warm up after, jump in the shower or soak in a warm tub together. Then you can Netflix and chill if you can keep your hands off of each other.

What creative at-home dates do you have planned for the holidays? Please share in the comments!

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