Role Play Ideas for Polycules

Role playing for sex can be as basic as donning different outfits and starting things off with a knock on the outside door instead of waiting until you’re all in bed. Or it can be an elaborate, heavily staged performance that begins days beforehand with rental costumes, basic scripts, and instructions for all participants.

Role play for two is great fun, three is flexible, and for groups of poly lovers, there are really no limits to the scenes that can be staged.

While the tried-and-true boss-secretaries or doctor-nurse-patient never lose their thrill, there are thousands of fun and sexy role-play experiments. Here are some to try.

Rock Star and Groupies 

Depending on what kind of music you prefer for the soundtrack, play out your rap god or rock ‘n’ roll fantasy while your leading ladies play out theirs.

You can start out with a performance at an open mic or even karaoke and perform for real! Have the ladies show up dressed in hot and skimpy outfits so all of you can enjoy the thrill of ogling eyes before exiting stage left and taking a limo (or a cab, that’s fine!) to your lair of lust.

Virgin and Experienced Players

The like-a-virgin scenario never gets stale, but put her little plaid skirt and white tights back in the closet, and add a twist to the usual where it’s YOUR first time, instead of HERS.

What young man didn’t dream of being deflowered by a team of scantily clad beauties?

Play on the old tradition with an experienced lady of the evening, and walk into the bordello to take your pick among the flowers. Of course, you choose all of them at once, or maybe one at a time, while the others fondle each other from behind the velvet curtain, listening to you whimper and scream.

Yoga Instructor and Students

Who doesn’t have a thing for those body-hugging outfits and those lean, elegant poses?

Warm up and get into character at an actual yoga class, where it will quickly feel like torture to bend, stretch, and have to wait. You’re supposed to think about your breath, but you’ll be throbbing while you watch all those stretching limbs and bouncing breasts.

You can meet before or after class to buy bottled water or roll up your mats. Since you can’t choose between beauties, you all slip away together for sweaty group sex. Namaste indeed.

Cops and Robbers

This is always a hot role play because so many of our kinky fantasies, from mild to full-on fetishes, can be expressed.

Many men and women are turned on by uniforms in general or by cops in particular, so one or more of you- male or female or transgender- can dress up for dominating scenes.

Lots of women have bad-boy or criminal fantasies, so the guys can dress up as rough trade or play the ex-con or prison escapee.

Bondage, restraint, and spanking kinks can all be incorporated into this one!

Delivery Man and Girls Night In

The set up for delivery role play is easy when you want something easy to execute.

Simple idea: pizza guy knocks on the door, horny teenagers are having a slumber party in fuzzy slip-on mules and satin teddies. This one’s perfect for tailoring to the players’ kinks. If one dude has a wet and messy (WAM) fetish, the pizza or an ice-cream cake can be the ideal special delivery.

If steampunk or S&M floats floats a boat or two, have a sadistic house doctor—in period costume with a medical bag full of devices and restraints—be the one to pull up in the driveway.

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