5 First Date Mistakes

Living the Polyamory lifestyle means more dating. First dates are never easy, no matter how long you’ve been online dating. Sometimes getting a response from a first message can feel like a huge victory, and you can lose your focus. First impressions are often the one and only chance you get to show off your best qualities to a lady in hopes of being rewarded with a second date. What to do right on a first date is important, but knowing what to avoid can be equally helpful.

5 First Date Turn Offs

1. Not Listening
Asking a woman lots of questions is key to a successful first encounter because this tells her you’re interested. But… if you ask and don’t listen attentively, or cut her off because you have a related story to tell, she’ll notice immediately and start looking forward to the end of the date.

2. Too Jokey
Sense of humour is important, but you don’t want to be funny without a balance of serious. A woman wants to know a man can make her laugh, but also be her emotional rock. Give her a taste of both.

3. Intimacy Overload
A first date is two strangers trying to get a feel for each other, with the key word being strangers. Nothing scares a woman off faster than a man who comes on too strong, whether with a mountain of compliments, touchy-feelies, or sexual induendos. Keep it light.

4. Insecurity
Everyone has insecurities. Know yours and work on them on your own time. You may feel the need to overcompensate if you’re feeling first-date anxiety, but try to refrain, as it usually comes across as boasting and can be a quick turn off.

5. Ex Talk
We’ve all been guilty. First rule: don’t ask a woman about past relationships on a first date, general dating questions are okay (e.g., how long have you been online dating?). Second rule: if she asks you, cleverly direct the conversation elsewhere. The first date is all about you and your date, not the exes.

There are plenty of other first date faux pas. Any you’d like to add?

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