Benefits of Dating Older Women

Generally the knock against guys is that they’re always chasing after the young pussy. It’s true that many younger women are attractive, tight and sexy. A lot of people say men go for younger girls because they’re afraid of death. They want to feel like they can get these ladies forever.

I don’t disagree. I’ve been with my share of younger women, but I also date and hook up with mature women. I have a few friends who totally get into the MILF thing. To them the sexualization of the mommy figure is a real deal.

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I don’t know if it’s that way for me. I will say that older women have a lot of love to give. For one thing they have experience and wisdom that younger girls don’t. I mean, yeah young women are hot, but they’re also usually annoying as fuck. They’re immature.

Older women know what they want. They get right to the point, and the courtship is usually short. An older lady will let you know if she wants to fuck.  

Mature women know what they’re doing. They’ve gotten a lot of sexual mileage out of their bodies, and they know just what it takes to please a man.

A woman between 40 and 55 can still be looking good and very sexy. Once you get past sixty, you’re heading into fetish territory (granny and extreme cougar dating) unless you’re in that range yourself…  and then it’s just normal dating.

If you really want to be adventurous you should stop by the nursing home and flirt with some of the really old gals. How awesome would it be if you were hanging out with your friends and everyone was boasting… if everyone was boasting about the hot little number they picked up at the club last week, and you were like:

“Whatever, dude, I did it with a 92 year old woman at a nursing home.”  

I’m telling you, 92 year olds are not easy to pick up. For one thing they often can’t hear your best pickup lines. Two, they might feel like they’re well beyond flirting age. I think it’s much more of a challenge than trying to pick up a 22 year old. In the end, isn’t it really all about the conquest?

Anyhow, even if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can still hit up the MILFs. I was dating a 47 year old for a while last year. She was still incredibly sexy and giving in bed. Unfortunately she was also way to possessive, so I had to dump her. Life is a crazy thing, and you should never limit the possibilities by age.

What turns you on about older women?

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