Asking a Woman Back to Your Place for a Hookup

If you enjoy casual sex and having women over to hook up with, your apartment should have a sexy feel. Wet towels on the floor and take-out containers on the counter just won’t cut it. Your environment reflects who you are, how your life is going, and a woman will be checking that out. I had a mad crush on a guy for years, and finally he spontaneously invited me over. I was so excited until I saw the state of his living space. We did have sex (on what I’m not sure, blankets on top of springs?), but I had no desire to go back. It was filthy. Women don’t expect men to be neat freaks, in fact, clean is more important than tidy. Here is a little advice that will keep your apartment as sexy as you are…

Clean and organized. If you’re living in a rat trap, this tells a woman you can’t take of yourself. Total turn off. You don’t need money or super powers to keep a place in good shape, so if you can’t at least throw out the garbage or scrub the toilet, well, you’re not a keeper.

Bathroom Musts. A washroom littered with whiskers and pubes will send any woman running. The only thing worse is not having toilet paper, and for some reason this happens a lot.

Creature Comforts. Women want and need to feel comfortable if they’re going to hook up with a man. A comfortable bed with lots of pillows and blankets are a must. Candles and massage oils are a bonus. You want to look like you are prepared, but not that you’re bringing home a different lady every night, even if you are!

Personality plus. If you can make your uniqueness shine through in how you decorate your apartment, you’ll definitely stand out. This might include paintings on the wall, cool lamps and shelving, or an array of plants. Attention to detail impresses women who notice the little things.

Living arrangement. Women always prefer to go to a man’s place if he lives alone, but depending on your age or circumstances this isn’t always possible. If you do have roommates, you want your bedroom to be an oasis – a cozy hideaway that feels like your own apartment.

You can always get a girl to come over… but will she want to come back?

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