What Women Want in Bed

Chances are, if you’re already in a poly relationship, you are busy pleasing more than one woman. Practice makes perfect, right? Here are tips, or maybe just reminders of what a woman really wants in bed.

Slam Bam
I know, I know, it’s always about her need for more foreplay, but . . . every once in a while a girl likes it out of nowhere. It shakes things up, and she will think you find her irresistible. Try lifting her onto the kitchen counter or pinning her up against a wall. If you try this and she gets pissed, don’t push it, just tell her you couldn’t stop thinking about her all day.

Dirty Talk
Some men aren’t good at this, usually because they’ve taken their cues from porn. Bad move, guys. So what do we want to hear? Tell us how turned on you are, what you love about our body (be specific) and what you plan to do to us. If it sounds rehearsed – game over. Like many sex-related acts, practice makes perfect.

Rough it Up
Unless you’re a submissive to her dominatrix, most women like the man to act the man. Take charge using your strength and desire to direct the action. This can be very arousing to a woman. It doesn’t require language either, pick her up and carry her to the bedroom, toss her onto the bed, and lean over to undress her. Use a little domination without pain – hold her wrists or grab her body and move her into a position. This confidence is a major turn on.

Kiss Kiss Kiss
For a woman, kissing feels more intimate than your loverod inside us (we like that too!) So if you’re making out and necking hot n’ heavy, don’t stop when intercourse begins. Deep kisses with the tongue are part of a woman’s palette when in the throes of passion. Mix this up with gentle kisses, licks, and nibbles across every inch of her body.

Breast Attention
I always thought all men were into breasts, but over the years, I realized many men don’t want anything to do with them – a turn off for me! Guys often want to go straight for the goods, but women appreciate and get super hot when men play with their breasts, not just in foreplay but during sex too. Massaging, sucking, licking, nibbling – it’s all good.

Find her G-Spot
Or at least attempt to. You’ve heard about it, right? It’s about two inches inside her vagina on the front wall. The tissue may be hard to distinguish as it’s not very big, but massaging that area during sex should elevate her orgasm. Doggie-style (with her forearms flat) is the best way to rub it with your penis. Push slow and upward. Finding her sweet spot usually takes a few tries and communication between partners – something polys are good at!

Touchdown to Orgasm
You know she wants it, so don’t wait until she pleasures you first. Her moaning and body movements will let you know if you’re on the right track. Body tensing and jerking are signs she’s close to orgasm. Why not bring her there by going all the way down there. This unselfish act is a female crowd pleaser and will only bring you returns in the future.

What does your partner(s) go wild for?

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