What Women Really Think about Cum

Today we’re going to take a look at women’s thoughts on cum.

We’ve had comments from readers that all focus on cum and what men like to do with it…

“Nothing turns me on like the thought of exploding like a volcano inside of her. I always wear a condom, but I fantasize that I am filling her up and that I’ll drip out of her all night. Even when I jerk off, I imagine it hitting the ceiling or the walls several feet away.”

“I have a strange fantasy: I want my lover to lick me clean after I come. I think about kissing her after and tasting it in her mouth.”

“I love to slather my jizz all over her breasts when I come, to watch it pumping out of my cock. I love holding my cock while it explodes and seeing myself dripping off of her nipples. The problem is that none of my lovers are into it. One ‘lets’ me because she knows it turns me on and she’s willing—but it’s something she tolerates, not something that turns her on too.”

“When I first met my wife, we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. We fucked until we were both raw. We still have a great sex life, so no complaints there. But in the early days, she was into more things and doesn’t seem as interested in them now. One thing I miss is that she loved being showered in my ejaculation. She used to want to rub it into her skin, and said she came really hard by imagining that I ejaculated onto her open pussy. She never talks that way now, and she wipes up quickly if anything gets on her. What gives?”

All About Cum: A Woman’s Perspective

You may not want to hear this, but the truth is that, generally speaking, guys are a lot more turned on by cum than women are. In fact, many, if not most women, actually find it kind of gross.

This is definitely at odds with the proliferation of porn where facial shots, pearl necklaces, cream pies and other cum fantasies reign supreme. Women in porn are begging, “Cum in my face, I love it.” They have mouths dripping with semen, inner thighs slathered in slick and slippery jizz, and they want more.

But this porn is made for you guys. Very few women will seek out “Big Load Studs” or “Cum Bath Babes” for their own pleasure.

In the female locker room—martini night at the local wine bar—I have never heard a single woman friend say that she gets excited by sperm.

On the other hand, most guys find the idea of their own ejaculation incredibly exciting. There are multiple theories on why this is. One is that men are imprinted by early sexual experiences—with themselves. Others say it’s because degrading women is a turn on, but this implies there is something inherently degrading in ejaculation or ejaculating, and I reject that personally.

The evolutionary explanation makes the most sense to me: there is sperm competition going on. At the cellular level, we are always making babies and perpetuating the species! The idea that your semen is reaching its target, and that it is craved by that target, is naturally a turn on.

For me, this makes sense from the female perspective too. Since a wad of jizz can pretty much populate the universe, there are zillions of sperms and very few eggs. We are naturally choosy, and not just with who we have sex with. In a way we are playing defense and trying to deflect sperm because it is entirely too easy to get knocked up.

There are a couple of caveats I can mention. The first is purely anecdotal, but sometimes we gals find ourselves unexpectedly and inexplicably craving a man’s cum. I usually find it neutral—I want to be generous and loving, and I’ve been known to swallow or let a guy jerk off on my butt or boobs, but it’s something I’m doing for him. I have no desire to see it, smell it, or taste it for myself. If I do any of these, it’s for his pleasure.

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That said, there’ve been times when all of that was turned on its head, and I had intense desires for a particular lover’s sperm. I believe that there are specific chemical and emotional connections that create an exception—the times I’ve “fallen in love” and wanted every part of his essence.

Other women have expressed this phenomenon to me as well, and I think it makes perfect evolutionary sense—when our body and mind are completely smitten, we become receptive to the full possibilities of sex.

Some of these women experience, at the same time, the actual longing to have a child. Maybe you’ve been with a woman who suddenly talked about having your child—our chemistry and nature are indeed filled with madness, magic, and mystery. And it can be either flattering or terrifying when a woman really does beg you to explode inside of her!

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In reference to the comments, it makes sense that a woman might feel this mad need to be slathered in your stuff at the start, and later not have as much interest in the idea. Her body and mind may have been responding to you and sending messages that she wanted the complete sexual experience—you growing inside her as a separate life. That may have been fulfilled, or the urgency may have waned since you aren’t going anywhere.

Again, this comes from my own experiences and observations, but it fits. Pregnancy fetishes are quite common—and I think we all have this “kink” going on at the core of our nature, even if it’s not obvious.

The second thing worth mentioning is that scientific studies have found that despite not expressing a particular arousal and often quite the opposite, at your ejaculate, women have stronger orgasms when a man has more semen volume and velocity in his orgasm. This tells me that lots goes on physically that we don’t even think about. It makes sense then that a man would fantasize about a “big load” or shooting hard, because there’s a big payoff there.

What relationship do your lovers have with your cum? Please share!

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