What Affects the Taste of Cum?

Imagine your first hot hookup with a poly woman? You met online. You spent weeks messaging back and forth, getting to know each other. You are both interested in sex with no commitment. Sounds perfect, right? And maybe it is for a while until things get super intimate and she goes down on you. You ask her if you can cum in her mouth, and she confesses that she loves to swallow. Hot damn, you think, what could go wrong?

You’re not sure at first. She swallowed but quickly excused herself to the washroom. Then things got cold – fast! And she said she had to go home. You asked if anything was wrong, and she said no… but you couldn’t shake the feeling and asked her in a message. Then all was revealed. She thought your spunk tasted gross, and she had to go rinse her mouth out immediately. This is when your heart sinks, and you turn red while sitting at your computer all alone.

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Okay, so this story sounds a little dramatic, but something similar happened to me recently, and I didn’t know how to tell the guy. Let’s just say it was a one-night-only experience. If a woman does tell you your semen tastes bad or off or whatever, be glad. It’s better to know, and there are actually a few things you can do about it.

Think of it this way, everything you put into your body affects the taste of your cum, some things more than others. So if you drink a lot beer, eat crappy food, and smoke… you probably don’t taste so hot. Also, there are some foods that are actually good for you but that can also have an adverse effect on your giz flavor.

Things that can make cum taste bad

  • cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, beets
  • junk food and fast food
  • garlic and onions
  • red meat
  • dairy

Of course, none of these things are bad in moderation, and you don’t have to become a vegetarian to taste delicious. If you are getting complaints or think that there may be an issue…

Try these to improve your taste

  • pineapple and mango
  • peppermint
  • cinnamon
  • water

I can’t emphasize drinking enough water. Hydration is important for everything including the taste of your cum. Something I like to do every six months is a one- or two-week cleanse. I prefer an all natural herbal d-tox that makes me feel fantastic… because women also want to keep their juicy parts tasting delicious

5 Tips for Becoming a Better Lover

What tips can you share about keeping your cum tasting top shelf?

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