Delayed Ejaculation: Lasting Too Long

Men are bombarded with articles telling them how to last longer, stay harder, and go again soon after coming, so it’s no wonder why so many guys believe that women want to go and go and go. The reality is we don’t want to wait forever for an orgasm and most women want to come before they have to reach for the lube because they’re dry.

Why Women Don’t Want Men to Last Too Long

– they become dry and sex becomes painful

– they develop anxiety about their ability to please

– they don’t orgasm because they feel guilty

Delayed ejaculation or the inability to come at all may have physical or psychological roots. Most men will experience this from time to time, while others struggle with it throughout their lives.

Possible Reasons for Delayed Ejaculation

– early traumatic experiences related to sex

– negative connotations related to sex or ejaculation

– anxiety

– depression

– medication

– infection

– drug and alcohol use

– low testosterone levels

– stress in a relationship

– communication problems with a partner

real sex vs. fantasy sex

– sensitivity and/or nerve damage

If this is something you or your partner has struggled with long-term, it’s best to go see a doctor. If you do have a partner, you may want to bring them along because they’ll probably have noticed a pattern (when you do and don’t ejaculate related to circumstance or environment). A physical examination as well as discussing your symptoms will help with a diagnosis. The doctor will likely ask for a urine and blood test that will help with determining what treatment to move forward with.

Remember: you’re not alone, many men struggle with delayed ejaculation. If a visit to the doctor’s office can help improve you and your partner’s sex life, it’s worth it!

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