Women Share How They Masturbate

You pull it out, you watch some porn or close your eyes and think about your wife and her lover. You jerk it, then grab for the tissue box.

There’s more to the story, of course. You might take your time. You might use longer strokes on some days. You might do it in different places. Different moods strike. But you’re familiar with the gamut of solo love for guys. How women masturbate might remain a mystery, even if you’ve slept with hundreds of women. After all, what happens in private is not necessarily the same as what she shares with her lovers.

How do women masturbate? Do most women use the same techniques? Do women usually penetrate themselves solo, and with what? How often do we masturbate? Does she sit, stand, lie back, or kneel?

How Women Masturbate

“I used to get really elaborate, wear cute little panties, bubble bath—the whole nine yards. I liked to take my time. Now I just go for it, three or four times a week, whether I’m having sex regularly or not. I’m usually kneeling or standing, with one foot on a stool or the tub. I rub my clit quickly until I come. It’s a terrific release of tension.” – Lida, 34

“I have several different dildos. It’s really important for me to feel penetration—clitoral stimulation by itself doesn’t cut it for me. I like different textured toys, different shapes and sizes for variety. It can take me an hour to climax. It’s very relaxing. Great way to spend a solo Saturday morning.” – Karen, 23

“It varies a lot half the time. The other half, I go with what works—I’m on my tummy, spread my legs as wide open as I can, imagine you behind me just ramming it. I kind of hump against a towel or my hand and finish pretty fast.” – Jasmine, 29

“I masturbate now more than ever before because I don’t have partners, and through my life I usually had many. I’m a very sexual person and that didn’t change with my situation or my age. I finger myself and like to watch girl-on-girl porn or FFM threesome porn, but not always. I fantasize about the same thing if I don’t have a computer nearby. I masturbate at least once a day.” – Ilse, 60

“I don’t masturbate very often because I live with several of my lovers and end up making love when I’m aroused. Occasionally we engage in mutual masturbation, which can play out in so many different way. When I do masturbate alone, I love the shower. It’s convenient—I’m naked, clean, and the shower head and water pressure takes me quickly.” – Danielle, 21

“About two or three times a week. I have a favorite dildo—nice and thick, no fancy gadgets just a decent-size cock to fuck myself with when I can’t help it. I rub my clit with one hand, use the other with the dildo, close my eyes and think about my most recent encounters in bed.” – Maria, 30

“I usually just rub myself fast to get off. Very practical, I don’t dress up or get in the shower or watch porn or anything.” – Svetlana, 42

“All the time. Having a lot of sex makes me more horny, so ironically when I have an active sex life I have a more active solo sex life than when I’m between lovers. I take my time if I can, go to the edge of orgasm, then pull back. I use a small vibrator and my fingers, but it varies a lot—I might try out strokes or techniques I’m looking at if I’m watching porn, and sometimes I use a butt plug because it really intensifies the orgasm.” – Jade, 29

How do you masturbate? Everyone is welcome to share!

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