Why I Love Polyamory MILFs

So recently, I called a lover a “MILF.” Yikes! BUT hear me out: I said it with all genuine sincerity in my breath. I didn’t mean it in any derogatory fashion, and I thankfully didn’t have to defend my use of it, seeing as how I’m a porn actor myself, ha ha! When I say that to an older woman it’s not only a term of endearment, but also a phrase I wouldn’t say to just any lady all recklessly and disrespectfully.

The term “MILF” stems from a genuine category of individual in the world of sexuality and affection, and that is “mother.” I have no qualms or doubts about expressing my love for ladies who are old enough to have children, and gosh darn it, might actually HAVE conceived children and carried on living their best life, as the kids say these days!

There’s a beautiful lady in my bed right now—she’s a mother—and we just made magnificent love twice today! I’m not just saying I’m into MILFs for shits and giggles and internet attention. I love older women who know what they want and don’t have any hesitation to tell you what they need, what they don’t need, and who they want to take care of their needs! I enjoy being that person.

In this modern family day and age, there are lots and lots of mothers who are single and who don’t want the traditional marriage or monogamy. They are self-sufficient or co-parenting, creating whatever kind of dating and sexual and relationship scenarios that work with their own schedules.

That’s totally respectable and mature in my eyes, and navigating the emotional and scheduling possibilities that might arise are welcome obstacles for an optimist like me.

Then, there are the children. You might be like Mrs. Lovejoy from the Simpsons, always in fear and proclaiming, “What about the children?!” Well, I’m glad to report that I don’t have ANY bad relationships with the children of any of the mothers I have sexual relations with! And some of them are actually kids that I am cool with chatting with, and seeing in public or private scenarios.

One of my lovers has a son who’s almost twenty years old, and we have all hung out together, to the point where I’ve held her hand and cuddled her while he is around. I didn’t really notice it, but in reality he might be like a father watching a young man mess around with his daughter, except it’s the total reverse, and yet he still feels the same level of protection that he would vice versa. Life is just funny like that!

This kind of arrangement is not for everyone, and I’m not saying everyone can handle even being friends with the children (or teenagers) of women of a certain age. But I’m NOT going to say that I haven’t done it dozens of times in my life, and I’m certainly not going to say that I haven’t had spectacular success in doing so.

I’ve been with no less that four women who are actually grandmothers, and it’s not the age that attracted me to them, it’s their timeless young spirit and compatible sexual natures. You’d be very awakened by certain sexual situations I’ve been in during my days on this mother earth, and being with mothers and enjoying polyamory with them are some of my favorite times EVER!

Sex, sex, and more awesome sex with women who are busy and decisive about their fantasies! Go Team MILF!

Don’t knock it till you try it,
Love Addi

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