Pantyhose Fetish: Why Men Love Pantyhose

The humble pantyhose—making dicks rock hard everywhere.

You may be surprised to find out that one of the most common and popular kinks out there is the pantyhose fetish. Right now, millions are scrolling through kink sites, passing up the most hardcore and extreme fetishes, for a little bit of nylon love.

Pantyhose fetish is so innocuous as to barely register as a fetish, but pantyhose love is extremely intense. And just as with any kink out there, there are specialists who look for very specific pantyhose details.

What Men Love about Pantyhose

Some guys love pantyhose in general, enjoy how women look in them, and appreciate the array of styles and options. Others with pantyhose fetish want a very particular pantyhose shade, and these guys can tell the difference between Barely Blushing and Peach Fizz, let me tell you.

Fetishists with specific tastes in pantyhose don’t care about the shade, but have requirements like “open-toed sandal” with pantyhose, seeing basic white panties under pantyhose, seeing the spreading of toes in pantyhose, the sensation of touching a woman’s pussy over pantyhose, or rubbing their dicks with pantyhose. For some it is the “run” or “ladder” tears that excite the most.

Wearing pantyhose themselves is sometimes the turn on—humiliation or sissification can be part of the play, but more often than not it is the tactile sensation of the nylons against skin.

Most people find women’s stockings sexy. Lingerie items are filmy, soft, and sexually suggestive, and it would be difficult to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate them as beautiful in some way. While not every set of stockings sends each person into a state of frenzy, most of us see that a nice set of legs in a pair of nylons is a thing of beauty.

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Stocking Fetish

Stockings used to come up to the thigh and were clasped with garters to a belt to hold them up. This was an insanely sexy and suggestive thing that naughty French postcards popularized forever. The bare thigh, the whole fumbling with the garters thing, the pretty stocking unraveling—there’s definitely an erotic power to them.

But stockings are a kink of their own—pantyhose lovers are particular about the whole waist to toe stocking. It’s called pantyhose, after all, because they cover the panty area and are also hosiery.

History of Pantyhose Kink

Nylon pantyhose were invented in the 50s and thus the kink is a product of this age.

It’s a kink that may become obscure, as fewer women wear pantyhose and fashion needs change.

The invention of pantyhose in 1959 did serve  an important purpose—getting women’s legs covered and ready for the workplace. The sheer, complete stockings gave subtle coverage when bare was considered inappropriate. Women seldom wore slacks at the time, at least not to work or social events, and yoga pants and colorful tights were still decades into the future.

The sheer, full coverage of the legs was popular with ladies and their onlookers because they smoothed out cellulite, scars or nicks, and other “imperfections” to give a tighter impression. It was “almost bare,” which has always been hotter than “stark naked” because we are imaginative beings.

Never mind that women hated pantyhose as much as they loved them—hose snag, ride low, and don’t breathe, leading to stinky feet and a strong smelling crotch—selling points to many pantyhose loving men!

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Pantyhose Fetish Today

Now, pantyhose are often exchanged for yoga pants, leggings, jeans, thicker wool tights, or tailored office pants. They are just not worn as frequently today. That leaves millions of men who came of age during the pantyhose boom out in the cold, with memories of teachers, nannies, mothers, and Mrs. Stiffler and their sonic legs driving them crazy.

Any guy born after 1950 and before 1990 is your most likely candidate for an intense penchant for pantyhose.

woman in pantyhose stockings
Pantyhose or stockings? Which do you prefer?


Men Explain their Pantyhose Fetish

“Just the sound of the slip-slip-slip of the whooshing fabric as a woman walks is enough to send me into overdrive.”

“Since the day I first noticed Miss Marsow cross and uncross her nearly naked legs during piano lessons, dark brown nylons on a dark brown beauty are the hottest scene in the world.”

“I love the clammy, damp sensation of a woman’s foot inside nylons.”

“I love to perform oral through the material and taste her, while my hands roam all over her smooth hips and calves.”

“Honestly, just her posing in pantyhose is more than enough, with or without panties. Stretching out a leg. Teasing with her toes. I couldn’t explain it if I tried, but a woman in nylons is a bigger boner than any hardcore full-scene porn.”

“The slightly artificial sheen, it’s like a living doll.”

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How to Indulge Your Pantyhose Fetish

Pantyhose fetish play is an extremely simple kink to enjoy with a partner. If you haven’t divulged your passions yet, then tell her about it! Some fetishes are shocking, difficult to play out, or impossible—it can be tough to tell your wife or lovers that you are excited by piss, pregnancy, or alien eggs, for example. But most women would be happy to don a pair of pantyhose if they care about your pleasure.

Here’s the inside scoop, gentlemen: the vast majority of us don’t want to wear nylons because there are more comfortable options today. You might have to ask for what you want from your lover rather than waiting for her to put some on!

Let her know you’d love to see her in a pair of dark nude sheers, along with slingback shoes and a black thong. Or you want to see her in laddered hose with classic, old-fashioned panties. Be specific if your needs are specific, because we can’t read your mind. “I’d love to see you slide into them, then touch yourself over the fabric until I can see how wet you get.” Or “I want to feel you and the nylons sliding your foot and leg up my leg and over my erection.”

I am more than happy to indulge my lovers in pantyhose play even though I never wear them to work—I have a drawer of different shades and styles on hand and at the ready. But to make this happen, you need to say something!

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