Sexy Lingerie Men Love

I haven’t met a man who doesn’t love a woman in lingerie. Men have different preferences, yet they all get turned on by sexy undergarments. Women fall into two groups, the ones who enjoy shopping for and wearing lingerie for men and the ones that can’t be bothered.

I flip flop between these two myself. When I was married, I got way too comfortable in my yoga pants, t-shirts, and slippers. A lacklustre sex life didn’t exactly inspire me to dress sexy. It wasn’t until I was single again and meeting men who made me feel beautiful that I decided my bra and panty collection needed a little updating. I like dressing sexy for myself now. Wearing a leopard print bra under my everyday clothes makes me feel confident, even if know else is enjoying it. When a man recognizes and appreciates the put extra effort you put in to looking good, it makes you feel good.

If you’ve become too relaxed in a relationship and the sexiest thing you own is a pair of underwear with a happy face on it, it’s time to get shopping. You don’t have to spend a fortune, just choose a few key items that you like and feel comfortable in, and that you think your partner might like also. I’m in the habit now of buying something new every couple of months just to add variety and selection.

You could just ask your man what he likes or bring him along for the shop, but a surprise is so much more fun!

Lingerie Men Love

Bra Heaven
No matter what your size or shape, there’s a bra that can enhance your assets. Specialty shops are popping up everywhere with experienced sales staff who can help you find the perfect bra size and shape. Once you’ve got that down, go wild. Try the demi-cup, push-up, or strapless. Matching panties are always nice too.

Slips and Teddies
Some men like like a little more coverage to let their imaginations wonder what’s underneath. Go for silk, satin, or a velvet number that gives good cleavage. Avoid the flannel plaid two pieces.

Panties a Plenty
Panties aren’t nearly as difficult to shop for as bras, right ladies? Once you have your size down, the options are endless. For me, style, fabric, texture, and pattern are my main considerations. Think polka dots, animal prints, lace and bows. Choose the style that best accentuates your small or large booty – hipster, half-cheek, or thong.

Garters and Stockings
These take a little getting used to but the look on a man’s face when he sees what’s under your dress is priceless. Sometimes I wear a skirt that is the perfect length to give my guy a peek-a-boo look before we go back to my place. It really gets his juices flowing and the eventual reveal is super hot.

Not just for Halloween, costumes are fun and playful way to spice things up. Try a superhero like Wonder Woman for that nerd in your life or perhaps he’d like to see you dressed as a sexy nurse who needs to give him a thorough exam.

Ladies: What do you wear to get your man going?
Men: What lingerie has you hot to trot?

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