Women Talking About Sex

I won’t lie, most, if not all, women talk about their sexual experiences. But I think you guys out there already know that. I will say though, that as women get older, not so much, or at least not me and my friends. I think this is because our lives are busier, sex isn’t the most exciting thing, and we’ve figured a lot of it out by now. Talking about sex has the element of gossip, but for many, it plays a huge part in learning about, well, most everything sexual. When I grew up, my parents never said one word to me about sex, and I didn’t have a big sister to ask questions of either, so it was learn through experience and girl talk.

But you may be wondering what it is exactly that women talk about: performance, penis size, kinks, positions, technique. Truthfully, all of the above, and everything else under the sun. I don’t think this is news to men, but it can be disconcerting to those who aren’t sure what women want in bed. Some men are happy not to think about their lovers’ discussing their sexual behaviour, body, and pleasure moves; but knowing that we do is all the more reason to practice and improve.

Skilled lovers are rarer than you think. As I got older I naturally thought that men who were also older would be better lovers, you know, with all that experience… alas, I was wrong. And the weird thing is, the men you meet who talk a big game are usually the biggest letdowns. (Note: don’t talk what you can’t back up). |And don’t forget, the poly lifestyle means more lovers, which means more chit chat.

You’ll never stop women from talking about sex, but you can make sure you’re on the plus side of things by becoming a thoughtful, considerate, passionate lover. Maybe you’re oral skills still need a little work, but if you’re eager and aim to please, she can’t really say you didn’t try. The worst thing a woman can say about you is that you’re a selfish lover; that’s a reputation you don’t want.

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Remember: A woman will talk about a great lover for years to come. Wouldn’t you like to be that guy?

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