The Joys of Matchmaking in the Polyverse

Cupid, you rascally devil! Who knew making magic happen would be so much fun? I kinda suspected it, but I wasn’t a fan of arranged marriages. Not that this is the level of connection I’m implying is happening here, and I’m not saying arranged marriages can’t create happiness! What I AM saying is: I have recently experienced the joy of putting together some people, and watching the fireworks fly.

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The knowledge and inner warmth that comes from creating connections that never existed before is kinda cool, and it’s not really about a success or failure rate, because just making an introduction is a success. Anything after that is icing on the cake of life.

And to make any predictions or expectations about the depth or future of a relationship is basically like jinxing it at worst, and manipulating and controlling it at best… which isn’t that good, yo. I digress!

So, I was with this one lovely woman who sex with was marvellously and magically delicious, and life was awesome sauce deluxe. We were making love for about a year, and it was one of the best sexual connections I’ve ever had. And she had other lovers, as did I, but nobody cared. It was sweet.

She did say at one point: “I really enjoy the men in my life, but I wouldn’t mind meeting a woman to feel sexy with… there’s nothing like a woman to make love to.” And if you know me at all, then you KNOW that I agree with this sentiment more than any other belief in the world!

If I could help make it happen, I decided I was going to. Lo and behold, I started thinking about other lovers who might connect with her. And I took a random guess, with this one sweet friend I had met in a relaxed body positive environment, and who I had sex with a couple times very passionately. We didn’t connect on as many levels as the other lover I spoke about, but it was all good still.

I thought, hey, they are kinda similar actually, and even though I am open to anyone being with anyone in the world, I thought I’d introduce these two black women to each other, since they were both queer, both in their twenties, both of similar cultural backgrounds, and both into the same kinds of music.

I gave them each other’s contact information, gave them both my co-sign, and said: good luck, lovers!

I am so very happy to report that they ended up going out for many months after that, and I continued to have relationships separately with them, all very healthy and happy. We wanted to get together all three of us, whether in a friendly situation or sexy situation, but it never happened… still!

They had a lovely time together, and I helped make it happen. Yay for that kinda stuff being possible in polyamory!

I’m also happy to share that one of my lovers who I have been enjoying sweet time with, has asked: “I’m good with the men in my life, but I’d love to experience more women sexually…” And I said: “Cool! Let me see what other lovers I know who might have a similar type of desire.”

Cupid, you sneaky little scamp! Who knew you were having so much fun?

Ha ha,
Addi Stewart

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