Going Deep with More than One Lover

Someday, I hope you don’t catch me in the corner of some bus shelter, rocking back and forth, holding myself in the fetal position, shrieking: “It happened to me! Watch out, or it could happen to you too!”

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“A cautionary tale of young lovers, taken to places they never knew could exist…”

My life is really starting to feel like a romance-rodeo-thriller-pseudo-horror movie! There are so many moments of joy and a few moments of real pain too… lately. I could not perceive this level of polyamorous activity in my wildest dreams, and there is certainly a blessing and a curse to having your dreams all come true at the same time! This is one of them…

Deep love meeting more, yet different, deep love.

One serious lover who causes major emotional power and tension in your life and body being affected by something done by another lover who creates major emotional power and tension in your body and life. And not even by choice, but by force. Like the science of alignment: if an immovable object crosses paths with an unstoppable force… what will happen?

They will merge and grow and explode and overload and know what it’s like to be more.

I was having a serious conversation with one of these lovers, and it just got passionate… something real was transpiring between us. And then they brought up another subject, that I was experiencing with another lover, and the realities of both of these feelings collided in my heart.

I had to stop for a moment, and catch my bearings, for real.

I didn’t even articulate what was happening, even though we really are the type to share anything we want to say. I just observed my emotional evolution in polyamory, and thought, wow… so this is what it’s like to feel the impact of simultaneous relationships that are beyond their primary stages of connection.

And that is when I understood that deeper relationships cause deeper relation shifts. Knowing is half the battle, and showing up to battle is the other half.

So, I acknowledged that these lovers were on another level of life, and that from now on I was going to have to respect the evolution these particular people have created in my sacred heart space.

I love everyone I’m with, and I had an amazing one-night stand a few weeks ago that was overloaded with genuine passion, but these lovers are closer to my core essence than anyone else in my contemporary travels, and it moved me to confirm.

A husband usually has one wife and maybe other mistresses. Having TWO wives and other mistresses will change your entire fucking brain!

P.S. I’m not the marrying kind, but if I was, it would have to be an open marriage! Love to anyone who’s happily married, but it’s just not the relationship system for me. If I were to get married monogamously, I KNOW that one day you’d find me rocking back and forth, holding myself in the fetal position, shrieking:

“It happened to me! Watch out, or it could happen to you too!”

In love,
Addi Stewart

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