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Polyamory Dating at OkCupid?

Okcupid and polyamory

Here at PolyamoryToday we often discuss dating sites like PolyamoryDate.com. But is it also possible to find polyamorous couples and singles at mainstream sites? The answer is yes, and one of the best is completely free.

OKcupid.com is a very good site to add to your dating strategy. I recommend using multiple sites because it gives you access to more  people who share your lifestyle and who live near you. If you’re already a member elsewhere, there’s nothing wrong with branching out.

What is OkCupid All About?

OkCupid does an excellent job of matching up their members. They offer a “match percentage” for romantic relationships, and also for friends. To accomplish this they ask multiple choice questions which you rate the importance of. You can get a deeper look at members when you sift through their answers. Some people answer hundreds of them! I will confess – the site is addictive! OkCupid is owned by Match.com, so ignore banners trying to pull you over to Match, and get on with finding poly members.

Why OkCupid Works for Those in Open Relationships

OkCupid has become a favorite of the polyamory community. If you’re looking to meet these people, you need to visit the sites they’re using. While they don’t offer profiles specifically for couples, polys are getting around this by mentioning their partner and providing a link to their partner’s profile.

In terms of matching, a lot of those multiple choice questions concern views on polyamory, open relationships, and jealousy. If you answer these carefully and mark a potential partner’s similar answer as important, then you’ll find better matches at the top of your list.

Also, it seems that OkCupid has attracted a different crowd than plentyoffish.com, (the other big free site), and is better designed to finding open-minded progressive members, avoiding the rampant hookup requests over at POF. I have recieved thoughtful messages from poly members at OkCupid; they detailed their arrangement and provided a link to their partner’s page. It works well for many people.

For more specific tips on finding poly love at OkCupid, check out Kit O’Connel’s:

7 part series about Polyamorous Dating On Okcupid.

Have you tried OkCupid? How was your experience?

Tell us what you think!

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