Polyamory Dating: Follow Your Intuition

Intuition: Head or Gut?

In case anyone doubted it, let me repeat it for the all-time record: woman’s intuition is REAL. (And so is men’s intuition! I’ll just remove gender from the equation and apply this awesomeness to everyone, mmmkay? Coolio.)

I heard a brilliant saying once: “A woman already knows what a man is thinking. She just wants to see if he’s strong enough to admit it to her.” I do believe it is the truth!

Now, anyone who has been in the poly community for an extended period of time knows that polyamory requires one’s senses to be sharper than the average romantic savage. To do poly in a healthy way requires a strong heart, a flexible tongue (to communicate all your fantasies and intentions, of course) and a solid foundation of self-awareness, to be sure you know what you want from whoever you want it from… and then some.

You will benefit from having elevated hearing, heightened touch, a willing variety of tastes… and you have to be able to smell the fragrance of magic in a way that the typical individual is not taught to inhale!

Recognizing other Polys

Ultimately, a polyamorous spirit is given infinitely abundant opportunity if they can SEE open-hearted lovers and friends emerge out of the ether of existence! To be able to see the unseen and learn the unknown allows for opportunity to evolve into experience, with intuition and interest as one’s guides. It’s a real sharp cookie that knows how to pick up the signals that someone else might be open to poly, or at least a new type of relationship.

I had a lesson in listening to one’s intuition recently, and I almost missed out on HEAVEN because my ignorance and my doubts took control of my moments instead of my intuition, even though my intuition was speaking clearly to my head, saying “did you feel that?” In polyamory, there is a wide open space for anyone to suggest anything they want to you, and if you’re in the same non-monogamous mind frame, there is no reason life can’t turn into love or sex within the first few minutes of making a connection!

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My intuition and my intelligence sensed an instant connection was being requested from an angel I just spent the evening with, in the company of other wonderful friends discussing love, sex, race, polyamory, monogamy and more. But my fearful reptilian brain said “no, you are just dreaming, fool. She doesn’t want what you think she does.” So why didn’t I just take that very moment and ask her if she was feeling the same thing I was? Because I didn’t listen to my intuition! And I went home.

I’m glad she called back, later that night… and made her desires VERY clear.

I no longer needed my intuition (just my ignition), and from that moment on, I decided to use my polyamorous perceptions to speak to potential partners about the emotions I think might be in the air… whether they are there or not. Your sixth sense may say something regarding the love is about to run amok! Listen to it when she speaks to your spirit, because she just might be shining the light for your flesh to have the most fabulous kinds of fun! Make sure you cage your monkey mind first, ha ha!

“Gut feelings” is probably just another way to say “deep in your heart”, ha ha.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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