Being Sexually Open to Every Possibility

When You’re Something Else Others Are Not

Sometimes, there are signs. You can’t ignore the signs, fellow traveller!

Relationships are like vehicles taking a person to the destination of their destiny. And to ignore the signs is to crash into the barrier, if not go flying over the edge into the valley below. The signs are from various sources, the world around us, our friends, our family, our instincts, our hopes, our fears… but the best signs come from our heart and soul. Our internal compass and our value system senses things and reasons and developments that our brain and/or our regular senses might not perceive as sharply or presciently.

And when the signs say: “YOU’VE CHANGED!” then you have to accept what your instincts are telling you about what has changed in you or in what you want out of love, sex, relationships or romance.

I went to a party, and it was great. The aesthetic was magnificent, the music was loud and groovy, the people were friendly, attractive and modern. They played some old hit songs, and some new remixes to things I had never heard in my life, and I was generally dancing like the wild-passionate-boogie-monster maniac I normally am on a dance floor. And then I opened my eyes and saw that I had cleared out a circle and an audience to my passionate dancing display, as well as attracted the lens of a few photographers. Kanyeshrug! I didn’t mind one bit. I continued on.

Not long after, I made eye contact with someone who was also in a dancing mood. But… after about 10 seconds, she saw my body language, my intense energy, and my powerfully magnetic passion for music and romance… it is pretty radioactively apparent, trust me. And I trusted MYSELF too, when I saw her become attracted and then intimidated within the span of 15 seconds! She approached intriguingly at first, and then slowly backed away a few seconds later, and that was the first sign I am on another level of sexuality.

A few minutes later, I found someone else who was dancing with a similar intensity and freedom that I did… and I patiently waited for an opportunity to connect spirits. I looked her in the eyes, and it happened. Naturally. Wonderfully. Gracefully.

And we danced wildly. Our bodies wracked with bliss and joy and percussive pulses of intimacy. But we were barely touching, physically. Spiritually? Oh, it was quite fiery and explosive! But, it wasn’t that hot and heavy, in a flesh contact sense. In a soul sense? Yes, sure. And after a few minutes of marvelous partying, she bid me adieu, blew me a kiss and paid me a heartwarming compliment.

As beautiful as it all was to my happiness, it ostensibly was another sign that I was ready to move faster than the average person. And… I didn’t want a third strike to take me out of the game. So I gracefully bowed out myself, and left.

I realized that I am a polyamorous romantic who does not have ANY hesitation to be sexually connected upon the first meeting, if she feels it too!

And there are environments that ARE open to this kind of advanced connection, and I often work and play at these places… successfully! So when I go to a place that isn’t as polyamory-friendly and sex-friendly, I feel the difference. And I see the signs. So, I follow my heart to where I dream to be…

In a sexy place where I’m making love to someone before I’m even 100% certain of what their name is, like I was at last Monday! The difference is black and white, but the grey areas connect them both in important ways, and they both need to exist. Yes, for sure.

But, when you know you’re interested in something now… you have to see the signs, and adjust your life direction accordingly. Or you don’t have to do anything, and you can crash and burn, or just drive in a circle endlessly, never reaching your potential new paradise.

You’re at the wheel! Go wherever you want. But watch where you’re taking your dreams. Your heart is the most accurate map!

In well-directed Love,
Addi Stewart

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