6 Advantages of Online Dating

As someone who was late to the game of online dating, I almost use it exclusively to meet and date or hook up with men. I was anxious at first and dubious of what the results would be, so I observed my friends for a few years first. A little over three years ago, I took the plunge and have been swimming in and out of the online pool ever since. I’ve even turned the biggest of skeptics into online daters.

Of course, there are pitfalls to avoid, but once you get the hang of it… it’s actually quite fun, whether you’re looking for a one night stand, something serious, or a third for you and your primary partner.

Advantages of Online Dating

1. You can take your time. It’s not like meeting someone in a bar and thinking you have to react immediately or a chance is gone forever. You can browse profiles at your leisure, log on and off as you please, and respond only to messages you feel a connection with.

2. It’s always there. Once you are a member on a site, you can use it as often or as little as you please. When my work life gets busy, I sometimes take a dating break and at other times when I’m feeling lonely, I’ll be in communication with several men at once.

3. You weed out the unwanted. By writing a great profile that really says a lot about you and what you are looking for, you’ll bypass and detract those who aren’t compatible matches. In real-life dating, you might not see these red flags until the third or fourth date.

4. It allows you to date outside your type. This is something that really intrigued me, once I got going. Most of us meet people through friends and work who have similar values and interests, but on a dating site, you have the opportunity to meet people you are unlikely to meet IRL and who might just be a great fit.

5. Hookup-only dating is easier. If sex is all you want, it can sometimes be awkward expressing this on a first date or the morning after. It’s much easier to put it out there in an online message or on your profile, and if the other party isn’t interested they simply move on.

6. Niche dating sites. There are innumerable types of relationships that people are looking for. More and more sites are becoming specific, so individuals and couples can find who/m they are looking for with ease. These include fetish, BDSM, bisexual, trans, and polyamory dating sites.

I don’t recommend using online dating exclusively. Being open to meeting someone anywhere, at anytime, can surprise you… and often does!

First Message Tips for Online Daters

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