The Hail-Mary Hookup Move

The football metaphor won’t get run into the cheap astroturf, I promise. I’m too tired for that right now, and the NFL season is almost over, but it’s still pretty apt as a comparison. This move is for those who have nothing left to lose, and dream of everything to gain.

It’s about taking a major chance on a long shot that might have worked in the past, may work in the present, but definitely isn’t depended on for the future all the time. This move is for all the marbles, and cures all the pain. This one is for the game! The hail-mary pass and… TOUCHDOWN!

You ever take a gamble on passion? Like a super big risky personal dare on something happening with someone, and you’re not sure if they will say, “Hell, fucking yes!” or “Hell, fucking no!” And you just don’t care, and do it anyways?

That happened to me last weekend, and it was glorious. It was even better than it sounds, because it was the double-down addition to a hail-mary sex session that happened to me LAST YEAR—a marvelous foursome featuring me, another dude, and two women (one from New York).

The woman from here, we had a stunning amount of fun together, but hadn’t seen each other since. We did keep in touch all year, and sent warm greetings and lovely thoughts at random. Once or twice, we tried to hook up, but it never happened because our schedules never aligned.

Fast forward to last weekend… I get a text out of the deep blue, and it’s her! She says, “My parents are in Jamaica this weekend. Do you want to come over and make love?” I hadn’t heard from her in six months, but that’s the magic of polyamory: when you have a GENUINE connection with someone who means something special to you, time and space don’t mean very much compared to the size and depth of your love and potential!

So, still very passionately interested in this woman, I said, “Yep! I’m free, and I would love to see you!” She was worried I may not be up for traveling across the city to where her parents live, but that wasn’t going to stop me.

I went over, and we made glorious love three times. And then we talked, shared our hearts, thoughts, appreciation of each other, memories. She even told me about her other poly lover, who was out on a date that same night. We both expressed our hopes that he was getting as lucky as she was, ha ha! THIS is the potential of polyamory, and when practiced purely, it’s paradise.

It was a long shot for her, but she threw the fuck football, and I luckily was there to catch it in the erotic endzone! LOVE TOUCHDOWN!

Addi Stewart

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