Running Into My First Poly Lover

A funny thing happened to me on the way to filming my latest rap video… the past smashed into the present with a present I couldn’t imagine was in my future. It wasn’t big, but all things considered, it was hugely enormous, and something that a polyamorous person like myself would take notice of.

So, I was walking around Toronto with a friend last weekend, filming my new rap video. It was fun, as we went to different locations and took in the Toronto landscape with pride and gusto. We did up Dundas Square, City Hall, Graffiti Alley and more.

It was going swell, as we even got some footage at the MMVAs, with the streets all lit up and youngsters everywhere, as if celebrating us! One day…

In the middle of shooting my video, we were asking various Toronto citizens to say certain catch phrases from the history of the city into the camera. We had an eclectic mix of people doing their civic duty. It was a nice bit of Canadian footage to collect, and I was happy enough until…

I saw my longest-term former lover in my life, a sweet young lady who I spent seven years with in my 20s and early 30s! She was as beautiful as ever, and she was walking down Queen Street with her wonderful husband, a man I actually introduced her to!

I was ecstatic to see these friends of mine, and I asked them to contribute to the video with a short cameo, since having friends you actually know means so much more to something creative. They happily contributed, said their parts, and it was done just like that. I was so happy, but then…

I shook hands with the husband and hugged him joyfully, then I went to hug my former lover with both arms… and that’s when she kissed me directly on the lips! It was marvelous, magical and super surprising to say the very least. I didn’t know what to do, but I did return the surprise happiness, that’s for sure.

I can’t deny that I have wanted to kiss her and will always want to kiss her, since I spent longer with her than anyone else I’ve been with, and I learned a lot of my first polyamory practices with her. It meant the world for her to surprise me with a momentary deep kiss! I didn’t try to keep kissing though because I didn’t know if they had an open marriage. That was enough.

It doesn’t have to be sex to be deep and meaningful, please believe that much about poly! So yeah, that happened. I love my life!

Addi Stewart

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