Real Life Polyamorous Experience: I Have Two Boyfriends

I’ve always known that one boyfriend is not enough for me. Trying to live the monogamous lifestyle in the past always felt wrong. There was always too much pressure to act a certain way that did not feel right. When I discovered polyamory, I knew it was the choice. Now I have two boyfriends of equal importance. I’m the luckiest gal in the world!

I met boyfriend #1 at a party. We started dating casually and after a little while, things got more serious. Now we travel together all the time and engage in many fun activities. He’s also a very dependable person when I need a shoulder to lean on.

I met boyfriend #2 through online dating when I was a member at PolyamoryDate. We have a more intimate relationship, but we don’t do as many things together. Boyfriend #2 is a bit more mercurial than #1, and it’s sometimes hard to know what his mood is going to be. This intensity brings a lot of heat into the bedroom.

Though they are different, they also have some things in common. They have similar interests and jobs. and they’re both very sexy, but of course I’m biased on that front.

With two partners in my life, I get many different needs met – the need for an intimate partnerr, as well as an activity partner who wants and enjoys doing the same things as me. And as a woman with a high sex drive, two lovers just makes sense.

In the past I sometimes wished they could meld into one person who would be my ultimate dream guy. Then I realized it’s impossible, and unfair really, to expect one person to meet all of my needs. For now things are great. I have a balance with my two partners and feel fulfilled in more ways than one.

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